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It is no surprise that the mainstream media is in Hillary Clinton’s pocket. The sooner Republicans learn how to deal with this fact, the sooner Mr. Trump will get his message across. Voters need to listen more carefully to the rhetoric of the left. Secretary Clinton is very adept at saying one thing and actually meaning something else. If we have learned anything it should be that she will mislead the public if she can gain politically or financially.

A great example is Secretary Clinton’s suggestion that she will be able to create new jobs. Please ask yourself, has she ever created a job for someone while in public office? More specifically, a job that was not paid for by tax dollars. It is well documented that most jobs are created by small businesses. If a business is successful, profits are partially used to expand and grow the business. When businesses grow, so do the number of jobs that are available. Just look at Apple Computer. It got its start in a garage.

Please review the things that Secretary Clinton wants you to believe in contrast to what Mr. Trump has really said.
(1) Secretary. Clinton wants you to believe that all Muslims will be banned from the United States. Mr. Trump wants to ban terrorists from the United States. Religious affiliation is not the defining factor.

(2) Secretary Clinton supports open borders. Mr. Trump wants the United States to decide who will be admitted into the country as visitors and who will be admitted and eligible for citizenship.

(3 Secretary Clinton wants you to praise her for her many years of government service regardless of her accomplishments as a public servant. Many have asked Mr. Trump what service he has provided to the country? One could point out that Mr. Trump raised more than $5 million for our veterans during his campaign.

(4) Secretary Clinton says Mr. Trump is dangerous and a threat to the safety of the American people. However, saying something does not make it true. Mr. Trump points out the fact that Secretary Clinton has demonstrated extreme carelessness in handling our nation’s secrets, and neglected to assure the safety of personnel for whom she was responsible. He has done nothing to warrant such criticism.

(5) Secretary Clinton wants you to believe that Mr. Trump does not have a strategy for defeating ISIS. She confirms that she would continue on our present course which would prove successful. We know that the current strategy has not worked. On the other hand, Mr. Trump suggests that leadering from behind does not work and is one of the reasons we have lost the support of our allies. Mr. Trump underscores the fact that there would be no ISIS if President Obama had listened to his many advisers.

While time and space prevent a more complete discussion of the issues, I would be remiss if I did not mention the vital necessity of The Rule of Law. Justice in this country has reached the level of the absurd. If we are to succeed as a society, we must maintain equal justice for all. The ultimate arbiter of the law is the Supreme Court of the United States. When the SCOTUS no longer preserves and defends the Constitution of the United States, the direction of the country is in jeopardy. The POTUS and the SCOTUS do not MAKE law despite their efforts to do so. The balance of the Supreme Court will be decided by the next President.


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