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One of the hottest news subjects in the last week concerned President Trump changing our policy about refugees from certain countries where ISIS and other Islamic groups are operating in force. The major main stream press has been up in arms about these latest executive actions. From what I can grasp amid the sometimes incoherent screeching, they object to the new “extreme vetting” of refugees from places like Syria, and especially the temporary halt of accepting refugees from those places as well. It is similar in reaction alarms among liberals to what was labeled Trump’s “Muslim Ban” during the campaign. Whether or not this current policy change is a preliminary step towards a more expansive moratorium remains to be seen. In either case, I find myself similar in confusion as to why these are really such bad ideas. Oh, I know why some pseudo-protesters will say these are bad ideas. However, I don’t believe reality supports their excuses, and I know I’m not buying them either. By the way, the people participating in these stupid airport “protests” will be referred to as pseudo-protesters here because they do not deserve even being named among real righteous civil protesters of ages gone by, and because they truly are pseudo, false, protesters.

For one thing, I question the sincerity of this manufactured ‘outrage’. As has now been pointed out from many sources, the pseudo-protesters are composed of a significant number of paid professional protesters hired through ads paid for by George Soros, as they have been from the days of disruptions at Trump rallies during the campaign! More significant is the fact that their claims to be concerned about accepting refugees from war torn nations ring particularly hollow against the wall of silence these people have shown for refugees who were denied entry under our previous POTUS for the first four years of the Syrian War. That and other contradictions to their claimed outrage are excellently chronicled by Justen Chambers in an excellent piece I highly recommend to enlighten any doubters.  I also question the veracity of these pseudo-protesters. Along with their accomplices in the network liberal media, they insist on using the false label of a “Muslim ban”, when the policy change is not a true ‘ban’ but rather a moratorium for a short amount of time on travel to the U.S., and it is certainly not about Muslims. Only 7 countries are included which represent less than 13 percent of all Muslims, and leave over 40 Muslim countries unaffected. If this was meant to be a ban of Muslims, it would be the most ineffective and bewildering example of how to do it. So it comes down to this. Either the pseudo-protesters don’t know this and thus are ignorant and shouldn’t be taken seriously, OR they do know all this and are lying and shouldn’t be taken seriously. What should be taken seriously is the lawbreaking the are and inevitably will be doing, and it should be met with arrests and prosecution to the full extent of the law!

The reality of this case is also what should be taken very seriously. The reality is multifaceted as well. First off, though the opposition of the pseudo-protesters is insincere and based on untruth, it is stubborn and can be dangerous. Therefore that facet of the reality of this situation demands two responses. One is not to give in to the pseudo-protesters. I have a high confidence that President Trump will stay the course, as he should. Two, is to seriously pursue and prosecute of the key leader of all of this turmoil, George Soros. He is the key instigator and financial support and if he is gone, this nonsense will fall under it’s own weight. Secondly, the actions taken by our President also demonstrate a sincerity far above any feigned sincerity of the pseudo-protesters. He has nothing to gain politically in the eyes of the media and the Democrats by holding the line. He issues this order for one purpose, and it’s very crafting reveals that the President’s one concern is the protection of the American people! It just happens to be the exact same thing President Trump said he would be doing in the campaign and especially in his Inauguration. More importantly, it also happens to be the most crucial duty of a President as the Commander in Chief! For my part, if I have to continue to be startled by our new President’s actions, I think I like being startled by someone in high political office, especially the President, actually keeping their promises to the American people. Finally, the reality is that radical Islam is our sworn enemy bent on our destruction through every avenue possible, including our own society. Thus, measures such as this moratorium on a smidgen of refugees are necessary at the very least! Measures on the home field of ISIS by our own forces will also be needed, as well as various operations against other Islamic terrorists. In other words, we must not simply remain strong, we must become stronger in our determination and force to win against this evil. The President recognized this early and featured the determination to do so in his Inauguration speech with the stated goal to “eliminate radical Islamic terror from the face of the earth.” I believe for this worthy and needed goal to be pursued, our new President will need our support and prayers.


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