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First off let me introduce myself. I am conservative, Eagle Scout, Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks with a degree in Economics and a retired Military Officer.

I am writing this and hopefully many more because President Trump is Right and deserves our support. Now on to the article.

The Paris Climate Accord is flawed in so many ways. First off, there are no requirements for any country to comply with the agreements, so why is there one to begin with? Where are the enforcement tools?  Why didn’t President Obama submit it to the U.S. Senate for ratification as a treaty?  Maybe he knew how flawed it is and would never pass?

Now you have heard quite a bit lately from the G-20 Summit about the United States withdrawal. What is the hubbub all about?  If you look at the G-20 countries and their pollution.  Here are statistics on countries pollution containing 10 micrograms size pollutants per cubic meter of air.  These come from  The worst polluted country in the world is Mongolia with a index of 279. The least Polluted from this list is Estonia at 11.  The average pollution index is 57.  There are only 5 countries in the world as reported that have lower pollution indices than the United States.  If the United States reduced our pollution by 25% the net effect would be a world reduction of .09%, that is a reduction of .0009.

Now for the G-20 who are chastising President Trump for withdrawing from the Paris accord. Here are their numbers:

Germany(25), USA(18), Italy(37), Mexico(55), Russia(32.5), France(27), Australia(13), United Kingdom(23), South Korea(61), Brazil(40), Saudi Arabia(143), Turkey(66), Japan(22), Argentina(38), Canada(13), India(109), Indonesia(55), South Africa(52), China(98), and the European Union. I will discount the European Union because it is not really a country but a collection of countries that is well represented here.

Only 2 countries from the G-20 have less pollution than the United States of America, Canada and Australia. The remainder should work to reduce their pollution to our standards and then maybe they can talk and complain about the United States reducing our pollution. Some of our pollution can be tracked directly to another member of the G-20.  In a study from liberal University of California Davis, China is shown to be a direct contributor to air pollution in the State of California.

I am not saying that the climate is not changing, but I am saying that there is little effect from the population of the world. About 6 million years ago, dinosaurs roamed the earth in what is now northern British Columbia, Canada.  The area had to be a tropical rain forest area for them to exist.  About 10 thousand years ago, Yosemite National Park was covered by glaciers carving the beauty of the park.  Manhattan Island, New York, at the same time was covered by 200 feet of snow and ice.  Now I bring these statistics to light for a reason.  Glaciers have been melting for 10 thousand years and New York City has been ice free for at least the last 400+ since America was founded.  A volcano can spew enough CO2 into the air in a very short period of time that exceeds all that man has done in history.  Climate is changing continuously and will always change.

President Trump was right in withdrawing from the Paris Accord. Maybe a new accord should be agreed to with some teeth and with the backing of a treaty.

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