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I posted this under the “Culture” category because I believe the extreme polarization in this presidential political has taken on a life of its’ own. Someone on a page I visit,  was negatively commenting on Trumps call for “stop and frisk”and they called for more gun control.  No other comment meaning it’s just wrong and part of the polarized mindset. While stop and frisk may be called profiling if it occurs in an area of predominantly one group, the law of percentages would indicate that group would be stopped more. And, I believe the statistics showed that “stop and frisk” was effective in crime reduction. If gun control laws already on the books were followed, it would help in common sense control, along with gun show and other updates.

I continue to read Facebook and other sites the negative comments on Trump with virtually no positive comments about Hillary.  The impression, due to the polarization, is that they’re more against someone than for someone.  That reminds me of terrorist groups where hate against someone or something overshadows any other philosophical, religious or political belief.

I read today of joke petition started against the name of “Cracker Barrel” as being negative in some way.  While meant as a joke, many took it seriously, and with rancorous comments, signed it.  This is how things are getting, and as one person wrote: “What’s next, White Castle?”

I believe a lot of this was caused by certain actions and inaction’s of the current administration headed by Barrack Obama.  They have not sought to smooth and soothe so much as to ignore and subtly (and not so subtly) stir the pot.  And that leads me to the power of politics:  do we really want 4 more years of the same political philosophy that has downgraded our country in many ways for the past eight years?

Yes, my posts indicate my political philosophy, and I must bring up again that political year constant…….media bias at best inaction.  I still listen to what starts as a positive report or Trump that almost immediately turns to a Hillary comment totally blunting any good Trump remarks.  If their political rolls were reversed, the media would have so much investigating.  It is sad, and kind of makes you wonder what power is being held over them.  When we were younger, the newspaper opinions were only on the editorial page, and radio and television news usually identified an opinion commentary.  The exceptions were those individual columnists and broadcasters who’s show and articles reflected the feelings and opinions.

This election is more important than we know.  What direction will the country go?  Will the economy grow?  Will we be safer?  Will we properly vet immigrants?  Will trade laws be fair?  Will the will of the country’s majorities be heard?  Will we unfettered religious liberty?Will we get back pride in our country that has purposely eroded for eight years?

An adjusted, fresh and new direction is needed…more of the same won’t do.

God Bless America!


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