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With the invention of the printing press, what is thought to be the first published newspaper appeared in Strasbourg, France in the year 1605, this according to most historical data. The original intent of the distribution of news; the facts, events, and people, was to keep society informed.

There are a number of journalism genres; advocacy, investigative, broadcast, tabloid, etc. They all had one thing in common, that was to report the news and not create it. Over the centuries however things have changed, especially in this post modern culture we live in.  So that now we have reached an impasse in America, on the one side all the strains of the mainstream media and on the other the American people who no longer place any trust in the disseminators of news.

There should no longer be any shadow of a doubt in the minds of most that a greater part of the Fourth Estate has set aside their already faltering journalistic standards and integrity. It is clear they are making every effort to undermine the Trump campaign, and through their intervention change the outcome of the presidential election.

With few exceptions, the major networks, cable news stations, print media and yes even late night talk shows, are engaged in their own campaigns to sully Mr. Trump’s reputation, question his temperament and qualifications, and if successful destroy his bid for the office of president. Without admitting it outright, but with perhaps a trace of circumspection, their words and persona reveal their intent to extend to Mrs. Clinton their unwavering support.

In previous articles, I wrote about the devolution of journalism and liberalism. What I believe has occurred over time is that the soul of journalism became victim to the malfeasance and moral corruption of modern liberalism. The unfair practices we see today in the media are a manifestation of this joining. When both of these concepts, that have been intertwined for some time now declare war on what they believe to be an ideological enemy the results can be, misleading and inaccurate reporting, lack of impartiality, uncontrollable outbursts, and the end justifies the means are the results.

This shameful, and what I believe dangerous, turn of events has resulted in a clash of social norms. When the people, who rely on the media to report unbiased news and assist them in the decision making process, determine they can longer place their trust in that medium, where do they turn? Other than Fox News, the answer would probably be the outliers, the new media composed of conservative talk radio, various websites, print publications, and for many social media sites that leave much to be desired.

What happened to fair and objective reportage, robust debate? What is now becoming the norm is that networks and cable news services are editing the candidate’s statements, and in many cases, omitting facts all to favor their chosen candidate. And instead of concentrating on the vital issues of the day, and in the face of all the turmoil and strife, both domestic and foreign, we the people have to relive history and listen to the constant harping on the Birther controversy and the endorsement of Mr. Trump by Dave Duke of Ku Klux Klan fame. To this day, there are members of the media that continue to insist Mr. Trump apologize to Barack Obama, and denounce David Duke and his endorsement.

Whatever your political affiliation and news service you rely on for information, keep in mind the timely words of Joseph Pulitzer “A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will in time produce a people as base as itself”. And George Orwell who wrote in “Homage to Catalonia”, words that we can equate with what is happening today, “It is impossible to read through the reports in the Communist press without realizing that they are consciously aimed at a public ignorant of the facts and have no other purpose that to work up to prejudice”.



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