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Regarding the putative pipe bombs reported to have been “mailed” to Democrat luminaries in recent days.

A 7/8” diameter steel 7” threaded steel pipe weighs approximately 8 ounces. Add 2-3 ounces for brass or steel caps at both ends, several ounces for gunpowder and a few ounces for a timer/fuse and another ounce or two for packaging brings the total weight of each package to well over a pound. What seems to have gone unreported is that the USPS’s anti-terrorist-oriented rules require postal employees to reject stamped first-class mail that weighs more than 13 ounces. Furthermore, if a stamped envelope is not uniform in thickness (plus or minus ¼”), regulations require it to be hand-canceled by a postal employee.

These observations pose obvious questions regarding the putative bombs sent to lefty luminaries in recent days. Some questions the media ought to be asking:

  • Why were the envelopes not returned to sender because of inadequate postage?
  • Why were the stamps not canceled?
  • Were the envelopes mailed or were they hand-delivered and decorated to look as if they are postal mail?
  • Are the bombs even real? IOW, can they go off by themselves?
  • It looks as if timers were used. If so, when were they set to go off?

Some on the right — especially in light of the immediate-pre-election timing of this effort — suspect a false-flag operation by Democrats trying to gin up some sort of “October Surprise” that they hope will help revive their flattening “blue wave”. Others suspect that there may be (an inept – none of the bombs exploded) crazy person on the right trying to terrorize lefty luminaries.

Regardless of who did this, we all need to recall that not so many months ago a lefty terrorist tried to kill dozens of Republican members of Congress at a baseball practice in northern Virginia. Thanks to the assassin’s poor marksmanship and the good fortune that a few Capitol Police were still on-hand (to protect a high-ranking House member who was getting ready to depart), only Representative Steve Scalise was wounded – quite seriously. This attack on Republican Representatives and Senators were clearly no ruse. We remain unsure about this latest scare – and the media needs to be asking more pointed questions about the many obvious shortcomings this narrative – instead of chuckling as late-night comics depict Trump wearing a uni-bomber hoodie.

Sadly, it appears as if the mainstream media doesn’t care about the truth in this case because they’ve already ginned-up a narrative that blames Trump and the political right. And the left – and its mainstream media sycophants — seem to care little about the planned storming of our southern border by Hondurans and Mexicans. Nor do they care about the mob violence that Republicans face across the nation. We need to pointed ask the media why there are no calls on the left for leftists to calm themselves. Furthermore, this latest smoke permits them to continue to ignore the revelations in several recent books that documented the Russia Hoax – that document the ruses used by Democrats and some then-still-in-government to facilitate a lie-based investigation of Trump by Bob Mueller.

Like Trump or not, the entertainment industry’s and mainstream media’s anti-Trump cheerleading is dangerous to our Republic. And it’s tiresome.

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