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“We the People” may have stood up too late!  And we’re even getting screwed by our “own”!

For years, we the people complained about the direction this Country was headed.  We did a lot of things to voice our concerns but fell short trying to enact a change in the direction of our Country.

The Tea Party was formed to try and bring back our Constitutional Republic.  And look how much this Party was bashed, trashed, ridiculed and even became a target for the IRS to destroy.  The writing was on the wall and very plain for all to see.

We saw an aggressive Government shove things down our throats that were clearly against our “rights” under the Constitution.  Gun grabbing, our Private health records and care, our rights to abide by our religious faiths and speak freely about it, our right to express our feelings/opinions for fear they might offend someone, the right to farm on our own property, the right to have our country remain a sovereign nation of laws regarding citizenship, the right to not have to pay for abortions, our right to profess our faith in public, even the right to discuss anything using common sense ….and the list goes on!

Did we stand up too late last November?  We obviously DID finally stand up and used one of the most precious rights we have…which is the right to vote.  And vote we did!!  We overcame what appeared to be insurmountable forces against us.  We were subjected to ridicule, name calling, violence, threats, and a daily barrage of how “deplorable” that “we the people” were.  And too many times it came from the very people we had elected to office for years.

When Trump won the nomination of the Republican Party, we were finally allowed to see out in the open, the truly pathetic Republican Party for what it was.  A Party that “told us what we wanted to hear” but when it came down to it…they did what THEY wanted to do in order to keep all the power in Washington to ruin this Country as they lined their pockets with millions…and the citizens be damned!!

I firmly believe that the next couple of years are our last chance to save this Nation.  The incredible amount of resistance against our current President is unprecedented.  No President has ever received this much negative treatment from their adversaries (including the disgusting media) and even their own political party… which is full proof that “we the people” do NOT count anymore.  The Political class and the One World Order are on full and ugly display wielding everything they can to finally destroy our Country.

The ONLY success we have had in the past 8-9 years was at the voting booth last November.  We’ve lost on every single issue (including something as common sense as keeping Men out of our wives, daughters and granddaughters bathrooms)  How the HELL did we lose THAT fight??  We’ve lost on gun rights, sovereignty, faith practices, illegal immigration, radical terrorists, school curriculums, illegal actions from politicians, free speech, strong military, male/female marriage, abortion, healthcare, law enforcement respect/rights, patriotism, flag flying…you name it…we’ve lost on it.  Why???

We’ve fallen too many times for the voices of politicians who have been lying to us about caring about our issues and voting for them.  Those running for office against our “current crooked incumbents” were ridiculed just like we have been.  And they were our only voice of reason trying to buck the system of corruption in Washington.  We need to do more of what we did in November 2016…or we’re toast!

I have made the decision to write to every single Republican/Independent Congressman and Senator and let them know where I stand.  We ALL need to do this!!  It might be the LAST time we have the Congress and Senate in non-Democrat control.  If we don’t do it now…it’s over for us as a Nation.

Dear Senator/Congressman…did you not get the message that “we the people” sent you in November 2016?  We gave you control of all three branches of Government…and we did it against incredible odds and opposition. That was a direct message to you that we no longer wanted a career politician to keep the status quo and continue the degradation of our rights, way of life, worship, country, sovereignty, and a litany of rights from our constitution!  We voted for Mr. Trump in a way unprecedented and against incredible odds and fraudulent activities from all over the world…and WE WON.

We elected the man that we wanted to either “get you on board” with what WE want or have him “drain the swamp of corruption” from BOTH sides of the aisle.  We the People demand that you get behind our President and start enacting legislation that firmly puts this country FIRST, stop pandering to all the radical insane demands from snowflakes and worse… and get back on the right path!!  Ignore the mainstream media and all the leftist psychos.  WE the PEOPLE ignored them and look who won??  We can do it again.  If you will not get back on board with the very people that elected you to office…we will be voting again and make sure YOU are removed and you can ride off into the sunset with the millions you’ve made off of our backs, and go retire.  Our Nation is at stake and its people are at stake and you’d better be voting FOR us than against us.

The absolute crap that is being thrown against the wall by the Media, Democrats, Hollywood, Government entities, Conspiracy Theorists, Radical Leftists/Snowflakes, Dissidents, Globalists and even the Pope to see which one might stick…is ridiculous!!  Ignore it and get back to taking “we the people” seriously!  Mr. Trump is not a politician.  He is an American and damned proud of it.  He spoke our sentiments.  He pulled no punches.  He was even crass like us at times.  And sometimes I roll my eyes at how he antagonizes people…but you know what?  We the people know that no matter his style (which even I shake my head at sometimes) this man “has my back” and he’ll always get my vote!! 

Stop being politically correct and go for the jugular with the issues that concern “we the people”.  Start shaking up the system and start representing the masses instead of all the fruitcake fringes that get air-time.  We can do it again.  So start governing for “we the people” and stop playing chess for fear you’ll get called names.  Who cares about the names?  We were called all kinds of names during the campaign and still are.  And I for one am actually proud to be called a “deplorable”.  It’s kind of a badge of honor for me.  Because it represents someone that fully believes and is committed to the Constitution of the United States of America instead of all the fringe idiots and those that are trying to destroy this Country.

So hop on board Senator/Congressman/woman…and enjoy the ride with us and restore our Country to greatness again!!  Because “we the people” are not going to change our principles or values and we will be voting again in less than 2 years!!

Wow!  I wonder what kind of response (if any) I will get from them?  Be pretty hard to ignore us if we ALL send something similar to what I’m going to send.  It’s time for action my fellow Patriots…before this thing continues and we lose our Country.  Look around.  This is NOT the “cry of wolf” mantra.  This is serious!  Need more proof?  Look at the healthcare repeal vote that ALL republicans promised us and was sent to Obama for signature…but now that they are in control…Trump’s repeal was rejected.  If they succeed in removing Trump or do not act on his “America First” agenda…I doubt we’ll ever have another chance again without a civil war.

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