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This is how we got to the present situation with regard to this election. On the Democratic side it was plain obvious that the primaries were rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. For example the televised debates where they cut off Sanders sooner than they did Clinton, when Clinton conferred with one of her aides, supposedly “not knowing that it was against the rules”. Plus the fact that Clinton got more delegates after New Hampshire, even though Sanders won that state. You can also get the eerie feeling that Trump is being used by Clinton to hand over the election to her. Look at how Bill Clinton used Texas billionaire H. Ross Perot to siphon off the popular votes from his Republican rivals in 1992 and 1996. Obviously Clinton wouldn’t be so stupid so as not to use New York billionaire Donald Trump for her own purposes. If you look at the opinion polls, Clinton is leading by several points almost across the whole board. Clinton has also been projected to win according to Election Projection.

It’s simply a woman’s world nowadays.

And all this despite her clear implications in the Benghazi and email scandals. President Obama had to intervene by proclaiming that Clinton would get a presidential pardon if indeed she was found guilty by the FBI. Bill Clinton also had to privately intervene with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to get the FBI off of his wife. Hillary Clinton has been so anxious and eager to be president ever since 2008 that she will stop at nothing, even massively rigging the election process in her favor.

On the Republican side Ted Cruz started strong in Iowa. His main base was in the Midwest, with backing of evangelical Christians. In order to secure the nomination he badly needed the South. Even media attacks against his wife and his marital fidelity didn’t stick. Ted Cruz should be the Republican nominee, since he clearly is the most conservative candidate and has shown tested leadership. Ted Cruz could have beaten Trump in the race had it not been for Marco Rubio who siphoned off too many votes from him. Without Rubio, Cruz could have won the primaries, even with all the money that Trump had.

The reason Trump won is because in a demagogical manner he played on many people’s dissatisfaction with the Obama administration. What with all Obama’s pandering to Cuba, his incapability to say the plain English words “radical Islamic terrorism”, his doubling of the debt, his childish, narcissistic infatuation with the homosexual agenda, his incapability to handle the immigration situation, calling off attacks on ISIS, his oppression of and meddling in the affairs of the churches, and his extreme pro-abortion stance, his total disregard for the Second Amendment and the Constitution in general, and his disastrously mismanaged health care system, leading to doctors leaving their profession in high numbers. Of course, all this is warranted, we absolutely do not need a third Obama term or Hillary Clinton, who would allow 550% more Muslims into the country.

What with what happened after Boston, San Bernardino, Paris, Orlando, and Nice (as well as dozens of other incidents not reported by the media). For Obama and Clinton, Nice guys finish last. What with mayhem breaking out in German and Swedish cities, where self-acclaimed Islamic police units patrol the streets of German cities establishing their own version of law and order.

And yet, all this has taken a psychological and physical toll on President Obama. Just take a look at a picture of the president when he took office in 2008 and now. Observe how much his hair has grayed, yet he is only 54 years old. Recall how president snapped at Republicans in 2013 at the government shutdown in such a surly manner, blaming them for the crisis. One can only think of how Adolph Hitler hid from reality in the last two years of World War II when it was so obvious that the Third Reich was falling apart due to his inept military leadership, but yet which he denied. At the same time we have president Obama who even yet still at this thirteenth hour cannot bring himself to say three simple words: “Radical Islamic Terrorism”.

I do not support candidate Trump for the presidency. I would not vote for him, because he has not made it clear that he opposes abortion and in the past has also built casinos with strip-tease bars in them. With his vice-presidential pick he is clearly trying to make up the ground he lost with evangelicals.

Yet it is simply inaccurate to claim that he is a racist. He may be a pretended nationalist, but not a racist. The radical Islamic terrorists who are murdering innocent people in Europe and America are inherently racist since they believe that non-Muslims must die. Trump even wrote down in his book “Time to get Tough” in 2015 how he would get Mexico to pay for building the wall: paying for visas, and having to pay to allow Mexican citizens into the United States. In his book Trump also wrote that he would build a wall with a door in it, meaning that he is not overtly against immigration in general.

God gives us the leaders that we need not the ones we deserve.


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