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We are now 7 and ½ years into Obama’s time in office and America could not be more fractured than it is now. Not only is America openly divided on almost every issue imaginable, the divisions are literally at extremes. All indications are that during his last 6 months in office Obama will be even more aggressive in his obsessive drive to “fundamentally change America”.

Here are a few specific examples of Obama and Democrat Ideological “divide and destroy” actions:

Race relations. There is no denying that the Obama administration has deliberately and constantly worked at driving wedges between various ethnic groups in America. “Divide and destroy” for maximum effect has been especially obvious here. Obama has taken every opportunity to denigrate Republicans and the police and push the mythical “white privilege” theory. He regularly has Al Sharpton attend meetings at the White House and even met with the BLM (Black Lives Matter) group organizers at the White House. Obama has perfected the “never let a crisis go to waste” rule and never misses an opportunity to stoke racial divide and tension. Saying things like “The Cambridge police acted foolishly” and “Travon Martin could have been my son” before the facts are known are typical automatic responses from him in situations like these. In many ways Obama has literally taken us back to the worst parts of the 60’s.regarding racial tensions.

The economy. GDP growth is practically none existent, we have an unimaginable level of public debt and we have the largest percent of the American work force unemployed or under employed since the Depression. Yet the Obama administration loudly brags about how he has “healed “the economy and created millions of jobs (we need about 225,000 net new jobs each month for the unemployment rate to stay the same. We had only 38,000 net new jobs in May but the Obama Administration announced that the unemployment rate dropped from 5 % to 4.7%)..

Gun control. Obama and the Democrats are obsessed with and will say and do anything to destroy the 2nd Amendment. The truth and facts regarding gun violence and terrorist acts on American soil are simply an inconvenience to them that is ignored or loudly denied.  “An unarmed population is a compliant population”.

Voter registration. Obama and the Democrats are obsessed with registering voters by every means imaginable. A non-partisan voter watch dog group in Texas found that in numerous cases there were as many as 5 registered voters with the same address and in many cases the address did not actually exist or was an address where 5 adults could not be living. Obviously Conservatives oppose this type of “shotgun” voter registration. There is only one reason to be obsessed with doing “shotgun” voter registration, that is freedom to commit voter fraud.

Voter I.D. Obama and his supporters are obsessed with refusing to require any form of voter I.D. to vote. They loudly proclaim that it is deliberate voter suppression while they openly use every government agency to suppress the conservative vote and work at destroying the 1st Amendment (DOJ, IRS, FEC, FCC). You must have some form of state or federally issued I.D. to do almost anything in America. Conservatives support voter I.D. because they believe voting is a sacred and Constitutional right that should be protected, one person one vote. There is only one reason to demand that people be allowed to vote without I.D, that is freedom to commit voter fraud. Democrats, including Obama’s DOJ have filed countless suits trying to prevent states from requiring voter I.D.

Purging Voter list. Registered voter list have hundreds of people who are over 100 years old and have not voted for many years, decades in some cases. The lists also have many other people who have not voted for many years (they died or moved away). Consequently the lists can have more registered voters than the total population of legal voters in the voting district. Conservatives believe that registered voter list should be accurate and current. They should contain only legal voters in the voting prescient. There is only one reason to oppose purging ineligible voter names off the registered voter list, that is freedom to commit voter fraud. Obama and his supporters oppose purging voters list. Obama’s DOJ has filed law suits to prevent states from purging voter list.

Gerrymandering. Look at a voting precinct map. They usually make no sense geographically. They are laid out specifically to predetermine the party, and in some cases race of the official elected in that district. Gerrymandering is used by both parties but is a favorite practice of the Democrats with the DOJ making sure the Democrats win in any contested situations.

Political Correctness is another favorite tool of the Obama Administration. More proof that the Obama Administration hates the 1st Amendment.  An elderly and disabled couple I know was openly harassed in a Walmart parking lot because of the bumper sticker on their van.

SEIU (Service Employees International Union).  This is an openly Socialist union organized by a radical community organizer, who was one of the original organizers of ACORN. He was eventually forced out of ACRON (not charged with a crime) because he embezzled over a million dollars from the group. No surprise that this union rose to a level of national prominence during the Obama Administration.

If you look at everything the Obama Administration has done it becomes clear that it has been totally focused on executing its “divide and destroy” strategy to “change America”. It is also clear that Obama is very close to achieving his objective. A level of anger and fear is visible in a wide variety of America’s demographic groups. A level that I never imagined would exist here. This level of anger and fear is so strong in some of these demographic groups that we are already seeing incidences of individual and group anarchy and will probably see a dramatic increase in these incidences during the next few months, and even more after that.

There is an old saying that almost always proves to be true, “timing is everything”. Regarding Obama’s legacy it is absolutely true. He could not have stepped into politics at a more perfect time to accomplish his primary objective in life, which was to “fundamentally change America”. Everything was in place and there was unlimited support for him to accomplish his goal at a level far beyond his wildest dreams. I am sure that Obama, the text book pathological narcissist, probably believes that he single-handedly accomplished the destruction of America as we knew it. He was the public face of the “transformation of America”, but it was not him alone that accomplished it.

President Johnson actually began to lay the foundation for “where we are in America today” in the 1960s. He was a master politician whose every move was politically motivated. His civil rights programs were carefully calculated with one objective in mind, to dramatically expand the permanent Democrat voter base.

Fast forward to Jimmy Carter, who unwittingly added another plank to the foundation, that President Johnson started building. The “plank” was the CRA (Community Revitalization Act).  However Carter was so inept that the Act had no effect during his one term as President (that was not the case with Bill Clinton).

Next, fast forward to Bill Clinton’s two terms as President. This is where the real foundation for Obama’s “fundamental change” was actually put in place. Obama could not have accomplished his goal at the level that he has, without Slick Willie’s actions when he was president (I am sure that Obama would never admit that). Like President Johnson, Clinton was a master politician. Everything he did was carefully calculated and politically motivated. Most of Clinton’s legacy remained in place throughout President Bush’s time in office primarily because of 9/11, which happened 7 months and 21 days after President Bush was sworn in (with the weakest national defense capability imaginable, thanks to Clinton’s policies). President Bush was way too busy rebuilding our national defense capabilities, fighting terrorism and then dealing with the collapse of the U.S. economy caused by the ‘housing bubble bust” to spend any time trying to root hard left ideologues out of Government agencies. Note: The housing bubble was created by Clinton  and then put on steroids by him in 1997 when he issued the executive order making it legal to package the sub-prime loans and sell them as securities (this is what ultimately destroyed the U.S. economy) .

And then along comes Obama. “Timing is everything”!  The most corrupt and America hating President in history is sworn in during a very difficult time in America, which could conveniently be blamed on President Bush (43) regardless of the facts. Obama did inherit the aftermath of 911 and a near collapse of our economy. However, instead of trying to fix America’s devastating problems Obama and the Democrats began to use them as justification to “change” America to be more to their liking.

It should also be noted that during President Bush’s last two years in office the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate were controlled by the Democrats, which continued during Obama’s first two years in office. What this means is that President Bush was prevented from accomplishing anything by a veto proof Congress during his last two years in office and Obama could have basically done anything he wanted to during his first two years in office (all he got out of that monopoly was “Obamacare”).

As I watched Obama during most of his first term I was shocked at how inept he seemed to be, how absolutely arrogant he was, how much disdain he had for the rule of law and how much he despised the U.S. Constitution. It was late in his first term that I began to realize that he was somewhat inept but was actually intelligent. It was his total arrogance that made him less effective at achieving his goals, not a lack of intelligence. This absolute arrogance also made it harder for his “handlers” to figure out how to work with him to accomplish his/their objectives. It was late in his first tem when Obama, his sycophant supporters and his “:handlers” began to come together and Obama’s “Divide and Destroy” strategy began to come together.

Thanks to Bill Clinton and Democrats in Congress (with little to no objections by rino Republicans) Obama inherited government agencies that were, at least to some degree ideologically driven. Immediately after he was sworn in Obama and his liberal supporters started building on this Clinton legacy. Early in Obama’s first term it was undeniable that the DOJ had become the most criminal DOJ in history. Immediately after that the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) and the IRS joined that list. Later in Obama’s 1st term it became obvious that every Federal Government agency was staffed with and being run by Left leaning Ideologies intent on carrying out Obama’s agenda. This included the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), the FEC (Federal Election Commission), the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and every other Government agency. Think about the total power all these agencies have when they are all focused on the same illegal agenda!  This is especially true with Obama, his “handlers” and his supporters being fully aware of this power and taking full advantage of it. The 1st And 2nd Amendments were and are their primary targets. When these fall none of the other Amendments will matter. One example of this is the Democratic National Committee 2016 party platform. One “plank” in the platform specifies that the DOJ should pursue Federal criminal charges against “climate change deniers” (ignore the 1st Amendment)!   


This review of Obama’s presidency and prediction of what his legacy will actually be is certainly not all inclusive but I firmly believe it is accurate. If you question anything I said in this article “goggle” it and go to my website, and read the related, detailed articles.

I am not sure that America can be saved now. .If Hillary is elected in November I am almost certain it cannot be saved!  Remember the Supreme Court. During the next President’s term replacements for 3 to 5 of the 9 Judges will be appointed!





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