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I am outraged at the recent Political events in my Country. I am disgusted with the behavior of the Democrat Party. I am totally embarrassed with the entire situation here in the United States of America, the most revered and envied Country on this Planet.

The violent protests are not of our culture. The childish “pay-back” behavior exhibited by the Democratic Party is not of our culture. The entire events and occurrences within our Country for the past nine (9) years is an embarrassment to our Forefathers, to our previous generations, and a slap in the face to our men and women in the Military. It is an unforgivable condemnation to those who have served, and those who have given their life and limb for our freedoms and liberties; the very freedoms and liberties that are being abused by the followers of the Democratic Party and its Liberal and Socialistic tendencies.

The National Education Association is one of the largest contributors to the Democratic Party. And I fear it may be that very same organization that could be responsible for the drastic Socialistic attitude of our youth. Most possibly the NEA has been infiltrated with a dangerous and fascist element many years before. Possibly “smuggled” in through the Unions back in the 1970’s. Nikita Kruschev warned us many years ago, that they will “…conquer us from within…”. Have they started with the Education Department? I wonder!! Of course, I do not have any definitive proof of this. It is merely my opinion through years of observation and attention by myself.

It is almost impossible to determine the exact reasons and driving forces behind this climate of anger and vengeance that permeates our Society.  Although I have taken notice that many of our Liberal Democrats were schooled in the revered Universities of Harvard and Yale, among others, and some at Columbia University in New York City. Again, my opinion of years of noticing.

Perhaps going back only to the end of George W. Bush’s time in the Oval Office; I suppose we could go further, but in the interest of time and space, I will try to consolidate. Today I must emphasize the youth of the protesters to describe my embarrassment, and along with it my disgust of the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Presidential Nomination Campaign, between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, was hard fought, and nasty. Much like what we have just witnessed with the Presidential Campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

It appears Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton (both Democrats), influenced the vicious and violent behavior we see today. When Mr. Obama, after winning the Primary from Mrs. Clinton, won the National Election to Sen. McCain, Mrs. Clinton “jumped on the bandwagon”. It wasn’t long before she changed her tune about then-President Obama. She eventually accepted his nomination as Secretary of State, and was quickly approved by the Legislative Department.

What message did this “turn-around” give to our youth??

The Hypocrisy exhibited in our Government; the blatant lying; the ever-present public backstabbing; is all becoming more “sickening” than embarrassing. I interject here that the primary battle between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama, mentioned previously, was a battle of Democrats. The most recent Presidential campaign between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump, was indeed extremely nasty. Mrs. Clinton, instead of being more detailed in her promises and plans, continually threw nasty digs and many untrue tales about her opponent. And her extreme reaction (a polite comment on my part) to the loss of the election to Mr. Trump, her lack of a conciliatory speech to her supporters and Constituents, did indeed reveal a great deal about the Democratic Party. The infighting in this very same Party during the campaign, was also very revealing to the public.

The threats of voter fraud; the money poured into our recent Presidential Election by foreign governments; and by Socialist leaning men like George Soros; and the idyllic admiration from our entertainment community, bestowed on the Democratic-Socialist-leaning Liberals in Government, have all influenced our youth, and even some over thirty (30) idealists. We must find an answer, we must stop the violent protests. It appears that now some of the “Black-Lives-Matter” activists and other similar groups, are getting involved in the protests. I do not want my Country to lower itself into another Civil War.

Let us all end each day with a prayer. A prayer to help us find a peaceful solution to preserve our Union, enhance our Republic, and keep America safe!!

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