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Six Ways our Government is Failing Us – Part 3

The fourth reason that our Founders fought a war to create our government was: to provide for the common defense

This seems like one of the few purposes of our government that doesn’t require any explanation, yet that simplicity can distract us from seeing the bigger picture.

Do wars require bloodshed and death before they are called wars?  Are wars only fought with guns?  Do wars require clear starting dates and ending dates to mark their existence?

From 9/11, we saw that wars don’t have to be between nations.  Enemies can exist within nations or within many nations at the same time.  They won’t always have fixed headquarters, firm boundaries, limited numbers of military targets, or even uniforms.

From 9/11 we saw that wars don’t have to be fought just with guns.  Soldiers can be recruited and deployed through ideas that can be communicated easily through books, media, and the internet.  A common enemy can easily have forces in a hundred countries, and nobody may even knows they’re there.

From 9/11 we saw that wars can last over generations.  No longer can we think like the past where even a world war took only 4 years for us.  Europe had a Thirty Year War and a Hundred Years War, but now we have entered a war where we should not be thinking about or even planning for an end date.

Now, 9/11 wasn’t the start of this war.  It only made us aware that what has been happening throughout the world for 1500 years does indeed affects us and has finally reached us.  There is a common goal for these now several hundred known organizations that are waging the same war in countries from Europe and Africa to the Far East and has now come to the Western Hemisphere.

This common ultimate goal is to make our country just like the countries they came from.  In other words, they want our country to change its Constitution and its core values.  That’s it.  The goal isn’t really to kill people, though that was necessary in other counties past and may be necessary again, but the goal is to change our country.

They have learned, at least some of them, that killing people is not always necessary to achieve that goal.  They are now flooding the world with their people in every country that will admit them.  These people themselves may not even be thinking of that ultimate goal, but their leaders know that this is enough.  They can change the demographics of a country over generations, and it’s only a matter of time before they have enough people to change the things they want to change. If physical conflicts are necessary, it’s a lot easier from their viewpoint if they are emmeshed in that society.

Now all this should have made us aware of another matter.  Are these the only groups that want to change our country?

And this is where it gets tricky.

Things always change.  Nothing stays the same.  Right?  Well, yes and no.

In anything, families, schools, businesses, society, government, countries, they all have to figure out what things make them what they are and must be protected and preserved, and what things can change without losing what it was that made them what they are.

Frankly, right now our country is in a crisis, though I doubt very many people are even aware of it.  They know something is going on, but they don’t know how to define it or what exactly is it that is going on.

Our country is changing and changing rapidly.  Many or most of the major changes have come and are coming through the intentional actions of our government and our courts, but it is not the source of these.  The government and courts are made up of people, and they are where the people who want to change our country can do what they have come to believe they must do after having decided that our country is not what they believe it ought to be.

The crisis is that our country doesn’t know anymore what exactly it is that made it what it is, or whether there something we ought to be that we must protect ourselves from.  Yes, things change.  But what changes just come from growing and learning, and what changes change us into something that we were never intended to be, that are contrary to what our Founders fought a war to give us, and that made us the most prosperous and freest nation in the history of the world.

What makes all this difficult is that there are people in our schools and our government who are discrediting everything we thought we knew about the past, and we are watching the country we grew up in changing in ways we never imagined, and we don’t know what to do or even if we are right to do anything.  Maybe we were wrong about our country.

When people are sworn into high government positions, we hear it said that they are to defend us from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  So what exactly is a domestic enemy?

It is someone who is working to change the fundamental nature of our country.  And if we don’t know what the fundamental nature of our country is, we won’t know what changes are inevitable and acceptable and what changes must be fought or defended against.

So we have to ask the question: what is America?  Throughout history, nations formed from a common ancestry or a common language.  But the United States formed through a core set of beliefs, and the simplest, most basic foundational belief or principle is that God gave people unalienable rights.  Unalienable rights are rights that precede and supersede government.  The government cannot remove, modify, or restrict them. That’s it in a nutshell.  That is what our freedoms and liberty are based on.  Our government was created to protect and preserve those rights.

Providing for the common defense includes protecting our nation from people who already live here who want to change our country by changing this most fundamental foundational principle of our country.

And why would they want to do that?  Two reasons and they are related, but not everyone needs to know both reasons.

They believe they have a better way to run our country, and/or they don’t like the foundational principle of our country.

Our country is based on a belief in God.  If God doesn’t exist or if we are not allowed to bring God into our politics or the public square, we are running our country as atheists.  To be neutral to all religions is to recognize none of them as being true or important for our country.  They only exist, because people insist on having them, but they have no relevance beyond the persons believing them.

But then what does that do to the idea that our rights come from God?  Simply put, it must be mistaken.  There is no higher power than our government which has now assumed the role of benefactor and provider for the people of the land.

And this is the very thing that all nations believe.  They just disagree over what rights the government gives and should give to its people.

Our government is on a mission to bring in as many people from as many different countries of the world as possible, and then we don’t teach them the founding principle of our country.  We don’t even teach it to our own children.  In a few generations, nobody who votes, runs for office, or makes laws will be guided by that principle, and the United States will cease to exist from the unique nation we were founded to be.

And the worst part?  All these people won’t even know that it happened.  The change is gradual.  Every generation starts with a new normal.

The older people who were taught differently and who remember more of the past are dying, and the proportion of those who don’t even know or, as in the case of many of the people who come here, wouldn’t even believe in our founding principles if they were told it, is increasing daily.

The government that was created to provide for the common defense is allowing and even encouraging the destruction of our country from within.  Some of it is caused by those who believe in this, but many don’t’ even know what our founding principles are, so they are unwitting, willing accomplices to our downfall.

Stopping this won’t depend on a huge military budget.  Stopping this won’t happen if we hope somebody else will do it for us.

Everybody who sees the issue must take up the cause.  It’s a war of ideas that must be talked about everywhere because people everywhere will be voting one way or the other or not even voting at all, because they don’t see the bigger issues.  Is the United States on the right track or the wrong track?  And what is the right track?

If you say that you’re old and won’t live to see it when it finally happens, then do it for your children and your grandchildren.  If you want to do good for the whole world, then a United States living by its founding principles will do more good for the world as an example to the world than when it loses what made it what it was and meant to be.

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