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Two stories broke Tuesday afternoon.

In one, the partial verdicts in the Manafort case involved eight guilty verdicts and a hung jury on ten other charges leading to a mistrial on those remaining ten charges. However, none of those verdicts had anything to do with Mr. Mueller’s charge to investigate some unspecified crime with respect to the Trump campaign and the 2016 election.

In the other, Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, is accused of various crimes, some relating to allegations of payments made or not made to two women of questionable repute for services performed or not performed. Aside from these allegations that apparently relate to Donald Trump, there is no real connection whatsoever with the President of the President’s campaign.

It is important to bear in mind that it is not uncommon for billionaires to be the target of extortion attempts by young women (or their attorney) who threaten to make public a claim of inappropriate behavior in an attempt to come to a “financial agreement” to not make public their claim, regardless of the claim’s veracity.

Compare the story relating to Michael Cohen’s actions with the real criminal actions of a legion of highly placed Obama administration officials in the Department of Justice (DoJ), FBI, Department of State, CIA, Office of the President, and various other federal security agencies who conspired to influence the outcome of the 2016 election and then, failing in their efforts, continued their criminal actions by attempting to bring down the Trump presidency by the illegal appointment of a corrupt, highly conflicted and ethically-challenged Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate a nonspecific crime for which no evidence exists.

The appointment of a conflicted Mueller was made by Mr. Rod Rosenstein, a criminally corrupt Deputy Attorney General who illegally approved the renewal of a FISA warrant used to illegally spy on people associated with the Trump campaign on the basis of material known to be the product of efforts by criminal candidate Hillary R. Clinton who colluded with the DNC to conspire with Russia through a foreign agent (Christopher Steele) to produce a fictional dossier that alleged inappropriate actions of candidate Donald J. Trump.

This same Rod Rosenstein convinced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself on a basis too weak to warrant recusal, just so that Mr. Rosenstein could work unfettered with operatives seeking to destroy the Trump administration by any means necessary.

Who advised President Trump to not take any action to either remove or un-recuse AG Sessions?

Why isn’t the criminal conduct of Hillary R. Clinton being prosecuted for (1) destroying evidence under subpoena by Congress, her email and email equipment, (2) taking large contributions to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for exemptions for foreign interests while she was Secretary of State, and (3) conspiring with the DNC to fund a fictional dossier produced by Russians and provided by a foreign agent to illegally influence the 2016 election?

Who advised President Trump to allow Hillary Clinton to go free without any consequences for her egregious criminal acts both as Secretary of State and a presidential candidate?

The crimes of Hillary R. Clinton and all those who colluded with her directly and indirectly to unsuccessfully influence the outcome of the 2016 election and then attempt to take down the Trump presidency using an illegally appointed Special Counsel instructed to avoid any investigation of the cabal of corrupt federal officials working on behalf of candidate Clinton are vastly more dangerous to our Republic than the sleazy accusations of a few women of questionable repute.

These real crimes need to be exposed, prosecuted, and convicted criminals put away for a very long time. The people deserve their justice. If these crimes go unpunished, there is no deterrent to future crimes of this nature.

All President Trump need do to “lock her up” along with her legion of criminally corrupt co-conspirators is to declassify all the material associated with the illegally-obtained FISA warrant. That warrant only existed by deliberate deception of three different FISC judges to obtain and renew (three times) the FISA warrant to unmask Trump campaign workers on the basis of the unsubstantiated material bought and paid for by the opposition candidate and her Party, a fact never revealed to the FISC judges who approved the warrant and renewals.

Who advised President Trump to not order this information made public?

The material that has been redacted and is claimed to be “classified” was illegally classified to prevent the public from viewing the extent of the criminally corrupt actions cited early and designed to aid the Clinton campaign and bring down the Trump administration if Clinton lost the election.

That Trump has not declassified this material is evidence he is getting some very bad advice in the White House.

Further evidence: Trump should have immediately fired Jeff Sessions for the recusal stunt he pulled without having the decency to discuss it with President Trump. Sessions should at least have the decency today to either (1) un-recuse himself, or (2) resign immediately so that Mr. Rosenstein can be relieved of his duties and investigated for criminal violations of both FISA law and DoJ regulations.

Who advised President Trump to not swiftly deal with Sessions to either remove Sessionsor have him un-recuse himself?

The AG needs to either put on his long pants and get to work rooting out the corruption that permeates the DoJ, or go back to Alabama and go fishing. Doing neither, he is aiding and abetting the most massive criminal conspiracy by federal officials in the history of this nation and his name will go down in infamy in this country’s history.

Why isn’t Donald J. Trump serving justice on Hillary Clinton and the cabal of highly-placed Democrats who have illegally been committing federal crimes that should earn every one of them long jail terms?

Who advised President Trump to not interfere with this cabal of law-breakers?

It appears there are still “deep state” people in the White House and at least one of them has the President’s ear and, unfortunately, the President is ignoring his instincts and allowing the massive criminal corruption associated with the Clinton campaign to go unpunished.

That is not the American Way.

It’s time for President Trump to drain the swamp and that includes putting in prison all the criminals put into highly placed positions in the former Obama administration. Better to put this nation through the upheaval that the evidence justifies so that our nation need not go through this again.

Who advised President Trump to not take appropriate action against this cabal of law-breakers?

If the “end justifies the means” crowd every retakes the Congress or the White House and these criminals have not been exposed and brought to justice, then this country may not survive the criminal acts of the next Democrat administration. Knowing there is no penalty even when the Republicans elect someone like Donald Trump will only embolden a future Democrat President to once again turn the federal government into a criminal conspiracy against all who oppose its illegal activities.

President Trump owes America a vigorous Attorney General committed to exposing and eradicating all criminal activity throughout the top echelons of every government agency.

Failure to do so will be catastrophic to this nation’s future.

President Trump is getting some Very Bad Advice.

Who is giving President Trump Very Bad Advice?

President Trump must identify the source of bad advice he is receiving and drain the swamp of that source!

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