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I read a post this morning, and it set me thinking.

My thoughts turned from the mess our country has gotten itself through pure unmitigated mismanagement and greed. I know it will fall if something positive isn’t done SOON. I do believe a revolution is in our future, and I do believe Americans are up to it. But my thoughts assume we citizens will win over the oligarchs. That being the case, we must have something in mind for the future governance that will follow. Will we determine that the wise thing to do is to resurrect that form of government that is failing us today? Or will we think through this fog and perhaps combine certain aspects of this current form of government with one that welcomes more freedoms to the citizens in addition to more protection from foreign attacks?

A government that is designed to do all the money management, do all the law making, do all the policy work is GEARED TO BECOME DICTATORIAL AS THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME.

I know this government will fall… it is setting itself up to fall. When it does, I sincerely hope that any federal government we allow will be one that cannot interfere with individuals’ lives. I hope it will be mandated to manage ONLY foreign affairs, formal military, maintenance of infrastructure and no other method of interfering in our lives.

We do not NEED or WANT city government, county government, state government, federal government. These “governments” impede our freedoms we were born with and are headed by people who LOVE power, LOVE money, and merely tolerate the voters who put them there. Most communities can thrive on very few laws: thou shall not steal, thou shall not murder innocent people, thou shall not try to control thy neighbor, ye can practice any religion you choose as long as it does no harm to anyone, ye can say what you please, ye can vote for whomever you choose, but ye cannot cheat when voting. Your business is YOUR business… run it the way you choose. What other laws are truly needed?

I don’t mess with your things… you don’t mess with my things, and we will get along just fine. Try to run my life, and we will have serious trouble.  ALL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS DESPISE THIS METHOD OF THINKING.

Anyone who wants is free to add and or critique my comments.

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