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Wikileaks and other revelators have firmly established an atmosphere in which the present United States government is not trusted.  Unfortunately, this is entirely warranted; the present United States government is not to be trusted.

With this as my starting point, something strange occurred on Thursday November 16, 2016.  Two things actually, and they may be related.

The first was the flight of a US Navy “Doomsday Plane,” call sign IRON99.  A “Doomsday Plane” is an airborne command post for strategic (i.e. nuclear) forces and a relay for communications to the Navy’s fleet of 14 Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines, each of which carries up to 24 Trident D5 nuclear missiles.  The US has 16 “Doomsday” planes.

The November 16 flight of interest took off from Travis AFB in Texas.  After cruising around a bit, IRON99 went into an hour-long race track shaped holding pattern over Denver CO.  It was this circling of Denver that caught the attention of the public, and set off a spate of concern and speculation as to the purpose of the flight.

In a telephone interview with, Lt. Leslie Hubbell, a spokeswoman for Naval Air Forces in San Diego, said there was nothing unusual about the plane or the flight. The Federal Aviation Administration directed the Mercury [DP] to fly the pattern it did around Denver, she said, presumably because of air traffic. [Defensetech 11/18] (“Nothing to see here – move along.”)

And this is where distrust comes in.

According to a report by

Officials at Buckley Air Force Base say IRON99 never checked in with towers on the base, despite flying over the base’s airspace.

Denver International Airport said it had no contact with the plane.

The flight had no contact with anyone but the US Army, and had no public communications available.

So how and why did the flight come under FAA control?  Because of “air traffic”?  Was the military base where it landed (either Travis in TX or Tinker in OK – different reports) congested?  Military air bases are not even under FAA control.  This doesn’t sound right.

So what we have here is an airborne nuclear command center for some reason held-up over Denver CO for over an hour, and then promptly landed. This in itself is interesting enough and I should possibly stop here, but there was possibly more going on.

The very next day, in New York City, Navy Admiral Mike Rogers had an unprecedented meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.  What made this meeting unprecedented is that Rogers, without notifying his superiors, (i.e. secretly) traveled to New York City for a meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

Admiral Rogers is the head of US Cyber Command and the National Security Agency (NSA), and Chief of the Central Security Service; a formidable  officer.

There is an unverified internet report/rumor (, 11/20/16),  that Admiral Rogers had aborted whatever IRON99 was up to on the 16-th, and that this is what prompted his sudden meeting with president-elect Trump.

This report alleges a Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report that on the 16-th SVR Director Sergei Naryshkin contacted Admiral Rogers, alarmed about the IRON99 flight.  Apparently such flights are supposed to be reported to the Russian Federation under the terms of the START II treaty of 2011, and this one was not.  Admiral Rogers then derailed whatever action IRON99 was involved in.  (If this is a fabrication, it’s a very creative one.)

On the following Saturday, the 19-th, the Washington Post reported that Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Rogers’ un-notified superiors, had a month earlier recommended Rogers’ firing to President Obama.

The problem here is that the Washington Post lies, so that Admiral Rogers’ newly-announced persona-non-grata status may actually have arisen from whatever action he took on the 16-th; there were no month-earlier reports.

This line of thought is supported by the fact that the main charge against Rogers is that two breaches of security took place on his watch.

One of the breaches began before Admiral Rogers took command, some of it at other agencies.  A second breach took place in the summer of 2015.  And these are taken as evidence of his lax leadership.

But notice that on this line of reasoning, had the breaches not been discovered, Admiral Rogers would have a perfect security record! Discovery of the breaches would seem rather to be evidence of Rogers’ effective leadership, rather than of laxity.

At any rate, it is quite possible that Admiral Rogers did in fact thwart something nefarious. (A false flag attack? WWIII?)  This would explain his sudden visit to President-elect Trump, presumably to inform him of the situation, and possibly to obtain a measure of life insurance for himself, by making the President-elect his “dead man’s switch.”

This would not be the first time President Obama attempted a black-ops operation against the nation (see iPatriot, “We’ve Got Evidence of Obama’s False Flag Attack Attempt!” (5/21/16) and “Former US Agent: Military Thwarted 2013 Obama False Flag EMP Attack on US” (5/20/16)), nor the first time he was thwarted by individuals within the military.  (Indeed, were it not for this prior episode, of which I am quite convinced, I would probably have given little credence to the current report.)

All of this being said; take heart.  At this writing we have only 50 days to go, and it looks like God is still on our side.

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