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See what I did there – a little play on words – you know – Ray – Rayos – cause her name is Rayos?

Anyway, the whole nation has been abuzz over the recent deportation of a poor Arizona wife and mother of two, who was forcibly detained, summarily tossed into the back of a police van and shipped back to Mexico.

As an immediate aside – may I offer an observation? The left always describes their “victims” as poor, pitiful, helpless waifs – especially when women are involved. Many leftist sites described the now deported Guadalupe García de Rayos as simply a wife and mother, and only a wife and mother. So may I ask – just where is the radical National Organization for Women, the Nags? Isn’t just being a wife and mother objectifying her? Because we know that just being a wife and mother is never good enough.

Anyway – just an observation of the inconsistency of the left., choking back a tear, wrote that she was “locked up and then deported the next day. Her kids will grow up without their mother. This was part of a multi-state, coordinated sweep that is terrorizing immigrant communities…” (Emphasis added)

And all because she was just doing what she was told and has done for the past 10 years – doing a “routine check-in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).”

May I ask what should be an obvious question? If she is here illegally, and she is – why is she still here and allowed to routinely “check-in” with immigration authorities? That’s was rhetorical – for the one word answer is Obama.

But fear not, for the children have not been abandoned. They still have their father. The father, for whatever reason, still remains in this country with the two children. Pops is also an illegal.

But do the children really have to grow up without a mother? First off – fat chance she’ll remain in Mexico for long. She will be back, following many who have been deported, some multiple times, as was the case with Kate Steinle’s murderer, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. He was deported five times and over the years had used over 30 aliases.

21 years ago poor Guadalupe García de Rayos came to the United States at the age of 14. For years she toiled in relative anonymity – that is until 2008, when Rayos was caught up in a workplace raid in Arizona, led by that fiend Joe Arpaio and his gang of thugs dressed as law enforcement agents.

It was discovered that Rayos, the innocent flower of Mexico, was using a stolen Social Security number already registered to an American citizen living in Tucson Arizona. And it’s difficult for her to claim ignorance, as she was not merely given the number to use. She purchased it. So she obviously knew what she was doing.

On top of stealing the Tucson man’s identity, she was also caught using a resident alien card registered to a 55 year old man.

We’re not supposed to consider how poor little Guadalupe has possibly ruined the lives of the two who had their identities stolen.

For these offenses, identity theft, she was convicted of a class 6 felony, served six months in the clink, but was not deported. Instead she was required once a year to check in with ICE.

However, due to her felony conviction, she was issued a deportation order in 2013. This time she was asked to agree to self-deportation. She agreed to leave of her own accord, but of course never did and the Obama government never pursued it. She was apparently allowed to simply resume her yearly “check-in” routine.

So now we’re all supposed to feel sorry for this “wife and mother of two.” Well I don’t. She crossed our border illegally, stole the identity of an American citizen, and another legal individual – has been arrested, tried and convicted.

We’re supposed to feel bad that her family has suddenly been torn apart – as if she and her illegal immigrant husband have nothing to do with the predicament they find themselves in – that they are innocent bystanders.

Again – I don’t. Instead I think that her husband should pack up, pick up and move the entire family to Mexico so they can reunite with wife and mother, keeping there precious family unit together.


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