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It’s Putin, no, it’s Trump, it’s those mean oil companies, the Republicans, the Covid pandemic, or maybe your cousin’s best friend’s cousin’s wife. Every day, it seems as if Joe Biden finds someone new to blame for the spike in oil prices. But Americans aren’t buying it.

A new Rasmussen survey says most likely voters “say (Joe) Biden bears the most responsibility for higher fuel prices.”

It’s not the kind of gas pain that can be solved with a tablet.

Seventy-six percent of Republicans think Biden bears most responsibility for higher fuel prices, as do 54% of independents. Only 24% of Democrats say it’s Biden’s fault. Most of them blame either the major oil companies or Putin. No one said it’s your cousin’s best friend’s cousin’s wife.

In other words, Democrats are still defending their presidential pick, despite rising inflation.

In all, fifty-one percent of likely voters blame Biden for the oil crisis. And it’s a more significant issue that the administration realizes. A whopping 84 percent told Rasmussen the “rising price of gasoline, home heating oil, and other petroleum products is a serious problem, including 61% who say it’s a very serious problem.

This spells trouble for Democrats in November when many political observers expect Congress to switch to GOP control in what some believe will be a political bloodbath.

Even worse than the people who blame Biden are those who don’t think he’s doing enough. Rasmussen Reports, “Majorities of every political category – 91% of Republicans, 77% of Democrats, and 85% of unaffiliated voters – agree that higher fuel prices are a serious problem. Eighty-two percent (82%) of Republicans, 38% of Democrats, and 65% of unaffiliated voters think Biden has not done enough to stop the rising price of gasoline, home heating oil, and other petroleum products.”

In the end, it means that American voters don’t buy what Biden is selling.

Parts of this post were first seen at Conservative Firing Line.


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