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There is a naive notion going around in mobs squatting in arenas of destitution.  This notion is people who have money and live luxurious lives are somehow not more deserving than those who wail their plight in a public display of pity and envy.  There are instances where a small minority of rich people live temporarily in a fashion they don’t deserve but this is a small percentage of the rich.  Being rich requires not only the ability to earn money but the ability to manage money.  If you can’t manage money you don’t remain rich.  Like the companies who acquire large loans to start up businesses that fail (Solyndra for instance) management of the business was faulty.  The marketing was weak, the projection of sales was wrong, the costs were excessive and in short, money was wasted.  These poor managers are the temporary rich as their plans and projections fail.  The truly rich maintain their riches by not overspending, generating revenues, keeping costs under control and seeking profitable ventures to invest their money in.

This focus on managing and expanding is in sharp contrast to the mentality that focuses on what other people have in relation to themselves and the envy they exhibit.  These limited souls are content to be a part of a crowd which doesn’t require individual achievement.  They rely on their numbers to validate their view of how the world should be. They don’t consider how they are far richer than many in the world and are looked on in the same way as they look on the rich in America.

The only justice there is in the world is based on the recognition of individual achievement and the associated rewards this achievement brings.  If this were not true the world would revert to an extinguished society where ambition would wither and grubbing for survival would be the normal.  Equality of ambition can only appear if the lowest common denominator is supreme.  When nothing is improved or acquired, life becomes hand to mouth, uncertain and barbaric.  Even in the ghettos created by the occupiers there were those who wanted a better condition and brought computers, heaters, tents and food.  These complainers also expected protection for their property and safety for their lives. They did not ask how it would be provided without someone paying for it.  Like spoiled two year olds they simply wanted it and now.  Whatever and wherever they were taught, the lessons did not include the costs of convenience nor the fairness of trade.

When a person invents or discovers something of value if it is considered a requirement or a gift to an ungrateful mob you will see the conveniences disappear.  People expect to be rewarded for their efforts.  Even the occupiers think their efforts to disrupt should somehow be rewarded.  The question they haven’t asked themselves is,”What value am I offering and how much is it worth?”  Since there is no value in disruption, destruction , littering and noise making there is no revenue to be offered.  The closest these vermin are coming to an exchange is equivalent to blackmail, extortion or more broadly nihilism. Their activity has been rationalized by the clueless media and the hungry politicians who recognize the mob is a herd of votes if only they can be pandered to.  The politicians that live in luxury and pander to the occupiers are like the rhinestone country singers in Cadillacs who sing of their poor broken down pick up trucks and bone thin hound dogs.  Both of these hypocrites find easy targets to pander to in hopes they will receive support for pretending they are not what they are.  At least the country singers provide entertainment.

There is not a person alive that doesn’t want to be rewarded in some fashion for what ever they do.  Beggars expect donations, monks expect sustenance, occupiers expect attention, and the more rational specimens of humanity expect pay for their work, returns for their investments and rewards for decisions that promote civilization.

Inequality will always exist and the power of law cannot change that nor should it try.  Some people will always excel and others will fail.  Some people will learn to make rational decisions and others will drift on their emotions.  Those who want to better themselves will learn the skills and acquire the knowledge to reach their goals.  They will understand it is the individual who thinks and acts and a mob only drifts in unspecified directions as it squats and complains.  If you look at the mobs of history and their accomplishments you see blind obedience to a misguided ruler who led them into destruction and despair.  The adulation and power the leader seeks is not a creative endeavor but a scream for obedience to whatever whim may cross his mind.  With the mob singing praises the dictator feels how can he be wrong when so many support him.  The vision of the Hitler masses hailing a butchering racist should give anyone pause as to the value of being a part of any mob.

It is an irony that those who cry equality eventually look to someone of greater stature to enforce a decree that will satisfy their envious lust.  The Russian Revolution was a cry for equality that went sour.  The commissars lived the life of luxury and rose to power on the hate and envy of the aristocracy that preceded them.  No one evidently thought it important enough to teach this lesson to the squalid minds of those who can only “occupy.  When a bandit says,” I want your money” he is committing a crime.  When an occupier as a part of a mob speaks of wanting what others have earned and he doesn’t have, that too is a crime.  It is not freedom of speech to say, “Stick em up.  Whether the threat is a gun or a riot, the action is still criminal. If property and the ability to achieve are to remain a component of civilized society such nonsense as mob action to achieve any ends must be considered a vile crime instead of an expression of free speech.  If a riot either passive or active is to be condoned then those who are affected have not been protected and their government has failed the ones who are paying for government protection.

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