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While watching re-runs of old TV shows I couldn’t help but think of current events in our world today. “Deal or no Deal” and “The Munsters” are two in particular. Howie Mandel would call-out “Ladies Please” and 26 scantly clad models would charge on the stage carrying cases with various amounts of money ranging from a penny to one million dollars. The suspense would build when the contestant was asked “Deal or no Deal”?

The Munsters were a bunch of bumbling idiots disguised as monsters. Yvonne De Carlo as Lily, Al Lewis as Grandpa, Butch Patrick as Eddie and the star of the show, the biggest idiot of them all, Herman Munster, played by Fred Gwynne, or was it really Fred Gwynne?

Switching to the news I began watching John Kerry and Obama explain the great deal they signed with Iran and I thought to myself what if we could combine “Deal or no Deal” with the “Munsters” in a hypothetical show and, see how the negotiations would turn out. John Kerry would play Herman Munster who would then take the place of Howie Mandel. The contestant would be the Ayatolla of Iran and the Ladies would be holding negotiating “bennies” for Herman (John Kerry) Munster to use in the talks.

Kerry as Herman MunsterHerman could offer case number one lifting all santions against Iran and ask the Ayatolla “Deal or no Deal”? “No Deal” the Ayatolla would bark and Herman would fatten the deal with offer number two. Offer number one plus leave Iran’s nuclear deal intact and allow for improving on these capabilities through research and development! Again, “No Deal”! So offer number three includes 1 and 2 plus three weeks notice before verifing any sight inspections. “No deal”, screams the Ayatolla again. “Throw in 150 billion of tax payer money and you got a deal!”

This “deal” leaves Iran’s nuclear capabilities essentially intact. Obama’s horrifying, “historic deal” allows Iran to improve on these capabilities through research and development and gives Iran a big “slap-on-the-back” on building intercontinental ballistic missiles, the sole purpose of which is to carry nuclear warheads. Any restrictions placed on Iran’s nuclear program are only temporary. They expire in 10 years, regardless of Iran’s behavior regardless of the nuclear ground they’ve gained in those 10 years and regardless of Iran’s aggressive actions toward its neighbors. Adding insult to injury the “Deal” loads Iran’s bank account with $150 billion in cold, hard cash. Billions of dollars flowing into a known terrorist regime too strengthen its global terrorist network.

What if Iran cheats? The United States and EU must engage in dispute resolution rather than re-implementing sanctions.

So, What does Iran think of this deal? They celebrated by chanting “Death to America, death to Israel” in the streets of Tehran.


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