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Apparently, a few of the new junior Democrat members of Congress don’t much care for The Department of Homeland security. Their motivations are sketchy at best as they don’t seem to like much about American heritage or tradition. They also don’t like I.C.E. and they want that gone. What these tools don’t really understand is that … well, they are tools. The kind of tools that help Democrats get better deals and attract more hippie voters but make no mistake, no one at the DNC will ever allow either. Not because they love America but because there is way too much money that can be scraped off the tops of these programs and of course unions. Keep protesting you morons.

I don’t often agree with anything from the left but even a broken clock is right twice a day and sometimes a working clock gets the time wrong. Clearly, the United States of America needs I.C.E. and only someone who is mentally ill or wishes harm upon our republic would think otherwise but D.H.S. not so much. It is just another bureaucracy sucking up taxpayer dollars. Remember America also has the F.B.I. and C.I.A. (among others) who have been epic failures in much of what they do too. Maybe we should have fixed those organizations long ago instead of creating another tool for oppression. The last thing the U.S. needs is bureaucracy with unlimited power so yes on this point I agree it is time to close the doors and get back to Constitutional government.

D.H.S. isn’t the only federal government program I’d like to see gone either. In fact, T.S.A. can close up its doors too. It is one thing to ask people to walk through a scanner and quite another to feel them up and bully them just for wanting to go on a plane ride. And while we are at it the Department of Education should be burned down to the ground.

There are a lot of government agencies that should be shut down actually and I bet if I had a list of them in front of me I could pick out at least 100 agencies and special agencies who outlived their welcome a long long time ago but unfortunately not in a land far far away. Somehow I doubt my list would resemble their list either especially where the arts are concerned. The rich are supposed to support the arts not the taxpayers just like the churches should be the givers of charity (isn’t that part of the reason they are tax exempt?) not charity forced upon the taxpayer.

Our government is way too big on every level from local to state to federal. This is the swamp and the people who work for the swamp think their jobs should be forever so nothing gets done and we keep paying for it. To even come close to draining these swamp agencies will have to shut down and if we can’t decide which agencies have to go, the swamp will eventually swallow it all. It is time we made some real decisions here or our decisions will be made for us eventually.

The biggest employer in the United States of America is the federal government. That should send shivers up your spine.

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