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The New-World Order.  The One-World Government.  The building of an all-powerful central federal government, and the bypassing of the Constitution of the United States of America to eradicate the sovereignty of the collected States in the United States, and the personal freedom and sovereignty of the individual citizen so America can collapse and be recreated in the Regional Government within the New-World Order.  That’s a mouthful I know, but the reality is it is happening!  This heinous act is occurring in plain sight, but for the preponderant majority of Americans, so many other interests are more front and center, and interesting.  The results of this massive entrapment are not even on people’s radar screen, and surely there is no personal effect to be felt – yet! 

A couple of senior Arizona Legislators did approach the subject, a couple of times, and with legislation.  They were blasted in the media and named “Kooks and Tin Foil Hat wearers.”  Caricatures were drawn and used in editorials or in commentaries.  Unbowed…they continued their mission to reveal the works of those, regardless of political party, who have signed-on to push for The New-World Order and bring America into the fold.  Across our Land a small number of citizens have come to realize the seduction being played-out in front of us all, but those awaken to this diabolical scheme are clearly in a minority.  There is a powerful DVD available, and I give away a couple of copies at each presentation I make.  The DVD is not expensive.  It is named: AGENDA 2 Masters of Deceit, and you can order online…AGENDADOCUMENTARY.COM.  By the way, the explosive Refugee Resettlement taking place across the Western Hemisphere and in Europe is all part of the creation of a New-World Order.  Out with the old and realignment with the new order of governments and national boundaries. 

With all the sadness in the news right now, please find a moment and watch this nineteen second message by Obama that was clearly not seen in America.  Obama delivered this message in Brussels, Belgium on May 23, 2014.  Americans are to be the last to find out that sophisticated plans have been scripted to introduce the United States to the New-World Order.  The candor of Obama acknowledging this is remarkable.  Click on the site mentioned.

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