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Through my many years (83) observing moods, idiosyncrasies, and habits of Human nature, I have developed the opinion that Liberals need much compassion and understanding. I am not a Professional by any means, in this area. I have been a student of Human nature for as long as I can remember, and thoroughly enjoy this weird habit of mine. I have found it to be a most interesting read and enjoyable conversation piece.

That being said, I will expound on my thoughts. I believe that we should try to live by the three M’s. ~~ Yesterday is a Memory, Tomorrow is a Maybe, but today is Mine!

Two of my Fathers many pearls of wisdom stay with me: Live For Today, while Preparing for Tomorrow; and Be Observant of Your Surroundings.

Now, it is my opinion that our resident Liberals completely forget about yesterday. Dwelling on the past most possibly creates within them the immature notion that conveniently ignoring unpopular memories, can be a catalyst to assume they never happened. Thereby creating an allusion of hypocrisy to their observers.

Tomorrow, being a “Maybe”, scares the devil out of them. The unknown can be frightening to anyone. But to someone possessing the notion that everything must be in their control to ensure the continuity of a good and peaceful life, and a satisfying one must be quite frightening.

Today is all they concentrate on; their thoughts, their opinions, the NOW of life is positive. This they can control. And so, behaving and reacting in a Sociopathic manner, they proceed to allay their fears by insisting, with a forceful tone, that the World listen to them. Their fear creates an atmosphere of urgency; much akin to a “… chicken-little …” warning!

This then, in my opinion, is the motivation for the Liberal hypocrisy, the lying, and the intense emotional behavior. What to do about the disruption they have caused in our Society? Perhaps a Professional can help us there. We have, I believe, tried everything and anything Humanly possible. But a rational solution obviously is not the answer.

I pray to God to help and guide us in this Human experience. We need to have patience, compassion, and understanding. Most of all we must handle the days ahead with a quiet resolve to do what is right for Humanity. We can not take on an air of violence and anger. I feel placating and quiet talk may help; But we must do what is right for Society and the World, no matter the current cost.

We then, as a healed Society, in togetherness and unison, will deal with whatever consequences may come of the necessity to do what is right.

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