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We are in the Age of Stone, according to Roger Stone.

2016 was “The dirtiest, nastiest campaign in American history.”

If you want to know what happened in the 2016 presidential election you need to watch Netflix get me Roger Stone. This documentary movie follows Roger Stone during the 2016 presidential election and details his life of influence and the history of the Silent Majority. From Nixon to Trump Stone has been part of the Republican Party for decades.

If you don’t know who Stone is, it’s time to crawl out from under the rock you’ve been living beneath.

This film is made by liberal commie pinko libtards. You have to understand this fact and their perspective to appreciate the power of Stone’s personality to shine through out. They try to ruin him, and only make him stronger. He is the Hulk of American politics, the more you beat on him the bigger and angrier he gets.

You won’t like Roger when he’s angry. And, he’s always angry.

The idea that the Roger Stone is an Alt-Right, neo-Nazi racist bigot is nonsense. The idea that he can manipulate the fear and hatred of white working-class people is also a distortion. The truth is that large portions of the country wanted to stop illegal immigration, want to enforce law and order and want to see the economy revived and job prospects improved. That is not racism. But that is motivation that led Trump to the presidency.

This movie is classic projection psychology. Liberals and media are the architects of October Surprises. Clinton is the master ninja of character assassination. Obama is the community organizer raised on the Chicago machine politics and protests. These are the rioters and looters and polluters of American democracy.

This charge of mass manipulation is less true of Trump than it is of Hillary and Obama. The Democrats use and abuse and toss aside their constituencies of victims. Trump is a salesman and he is persuasive and influential, but most his support comes from the “pissed off” not from “off the rails.”

Alex Jones is less cynical and pedantic than Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid. Tucker Carlson is on point as usual. He now adds an element of elder media wisdom to the interview roll. Jeffrey Toobin makes an appearance to disparage Trump and Stone.

Jane Mayer vamps about morality like she’s the queen princess of all that is good nice. She must be in this world. She’s got to be the sickest twisted witch in NY and that is saying something. She’s pious and holier than thou, yet she doesn’t smell the stench of corruption all over Hillary Clinton’s email server and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. And Barack Obama’s use of the FBI, IRS and EPA to destroy his political opponents must be justified according to her impeccable judgement (sarc).

This is supposed to be hit job taking down Trump’s campaign.

Was it the Russians or Roger Stone, or both that made Hillary Clinton fail to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? This agenda comes across as petty and blind. Politics has been dirty as long as it existed. The notion that Roger Stone corrupted at our beautiful system of democracy is false on its face. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are 10 times more corrupt than Roger Stone. Jane Mayer is willfully blind to the fact that Billionaires that support Democrats benefit from their donations and PR cover. Lobbyists have always existed, and Stone and Manafort are not the first or the last strategist with their hands in the till.

But, it’s the scenes with the media that really tell the story. And the Hillary camp waits for victory a celebration… and the campaign turns. The looks on the faces of the anchors at MSNBC CNN ABC CBS NBC as it dawns on them that Donald Trump is going to become president are priceless. The montage of election night coverage is perfect and for that reason alone I would recommend viewing this documentary.

The crying faces of liberals are beautiful. Thank you for that directors Daniel DiMauro, Dylan Bank and Morgan Pehme. You do have a flair for the dramatic.

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