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Is it yet clear to the “industrial giants” that fascism — big bank money and big government protection to squash competition — is just a jumping off point for full government control of production facilities and full bank control of all governments? If not it is because you believe that you are too important, too smart, too productive to be replaced.

Perhaps you believe that you are far too valuable to be shut down or taken over. Your hubris prevents you from understanding that thugs don’t care if they bring the world to the stone age. As long as they can use clubs better than the producers, they will dominate them, if the producers let them. They will take over their education, their ethics, their morals, their beliefs, until there is nothing left of producers –and only troglodytes will survive in such an environment.

And the solution is so simple. Don’t give in. Not an inch, to threats, to intimidation, to violence. They can do nothing without your productive capacity. They have nothing to offer.

Coercion doesn’t want you to produce, or think for yourself. It wants you to comply.

Over the long pull, you will never win a war against the socialist ideology as long as you accept that it is legitimate to make concessions or “deals” with someone who can only offer threats in exchange for value.

Wake up, wise up. All your abilities and all your money mean nothing if you are willing to trade your tools, skills, capacity and productive ability for someone who only offers intimidation, force and violence in exchange for the values you create.

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