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These past couple of years has seen a sharp increase in civil unrest; there’s been protests and rioting, in most cases involving law enforcement and communities of color. Several weeks ago another disturbance by an overpaid, underwhelming and inconsiderate NFL football player came to the forefront.

The athlete, Colin Kaepernick, suffering from the Ferguson Effect, and ignorance of the facts and truth, has jumped on board the fallacious Black Lives Matter movement, believing America is still enslaving black people, and that law enforcement across the nation is with malice and no forethought willfully killing young black men. Kaepernick, among others, have also intimated that there is a single verse in the national anthem that is considered to be racist, which has since been refuted, explained and dispelled.

Kaepernick’s misguided and self righteous response involves getting down on one knee, instead of standing at attention during the traditional opening of sports event, with Old Glory raised high and the playing of the national anthem. Other athletes have shown their support and followed his lead. But this behavior by a bunch of disrespectful malcontents with callous disregard for tradition has angered millions of Americans.

So in tribute to Old Glory, through verse and the suggestive power of poetry; I offer to all patriots and those who’ve never learned, or refused to accept, the goodness and exceptionalism of America and the symbol and song that honors her, and that has inspired us down through generations, the following.

“Oh say can you see”, she’s more than a flag, / stars and stripes, red white and blue, / symbol of a noble and exceptional land, / where hopes and dreams come true.

More than a flag, a spirit of freedom, / tells a great and timeless story, / that began years ago with the birth of a nation, / and of honor, courage and glory.

More than a flag, stained with the blood, / on battlefields where patriots fell, / loyal and brave souls yearning to breathe free, / to the sound of liberty’s bell.

More than a flag, instilled with the spirit, / that prevailed on land and sea, / and sacrificed all, fought anddied, / in the struggle to be free.

More than a flag, stood strong and unyielding, / flew proud against the enemies of state, / defeated the legions of the stars and bars, / and ended the rein of oppression and hate.

Fools will burn her, tarnish and spurn her, / some might treat her like a faded old rag, / but none can diminish, imprison or finish her, / for she is worthy and more than a flag.


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