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Several weeks ago I was watching one of Blaire White’s videos and it was clear he was under some duress. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Blaire White, he is a transgendered male to female and a conservative voice in the LGBT community. Many of Whites videos have gone viral online as Blaire is one of the very few relatively sane trans people (he is well aware that he suffers from gender dystopia) whose social and politically based videos are consistent with fundamental American values. The duress he was obviously going through was expressed as disappointment with the conservative media.

Because of Blaire’s successful videos, he (he actually doesn’t get offended when people call him he even though his outward appearance is that of a feminine female) has had the opportunity to be interviewed and have debates with several YouTube celebrities. What he came away from that experience with was that the only thing some/many of these organizations and individuals cared about was making money. Well, surprise surprise surprise.

Clearly, Blaire hadn’t spent a lot of time watching the videos of the people who he was sharing the camera prior to these interviews. I enjoy watching Alex Jones videos sometimes but let’s be honest for a moment, he’s an actor and entrepreneur. The first time I ever saw him in CNN I thought, “Either this guy is putting on a show or he’s just batshit crazy.” Given the size of his empire, he can’t be that crazy.

Then there is the Candice Owens debate. Owens did everything she could to dominate and humiliate White during the Dave Rubin interview. Odd behavior considering they are both supposed to be conservatives. But Candice Owens wasn’t always a conservative. Fellow YouTube Celebrity and former police officer Tree of Logic isn’t buying her shtick. While Republican online periodicals, as well as the usual conservative suspects on YouTube, gush all over Owens, Tree believes it is all an act for fame and fortune and certainly Owens is getting the fame and fortune as a new conservative that she never got as a doxing liberal shrew.

The question that never seems to be asked anymore has to do with priorities. What is more important, making money or getting news and information largely ignored by the mainstream media out into the virtual world so that people get both sides of an issue or issues? I do not fault people who manage to find a way to profit from the work they do but we are at a critical stage in our republic and our Constitution and traditions under constant attack from socialists and communists who now have an unprecedented stranglehold on our way of life. Is there not a greater calling than greenbacks?

The lure of gold on the conservative side bears little difference to the people who are voting for more stuff instead of what is best for the republic on the liberal/progressive side. If enough money is involved it can be a very corrupting influence. Who are the videos really made for the audience, the truth or the advertisers? Behold what advertisers have done to the YouTube platform which at one time was considered one of the freest expression sites on the net.

This is the ultimate challenge for anyone who wishes to be an online standard-bearer for conservative values and truthful reporting/information sharing. When advertisers and donors run the show everything is corrupted. Even if the advertisers don’t interfere when they first sign on it doesn’t mean they won’t try to once they feel you’ve become addicted to their money. The same goes for private donations. A handful of big donors can also corrupt a content creator.

After a few bizarro videos Blaire White seems to be back on track which is a good thing because he is a very important voice for the conservative community. Although White seems to be doing very well financially from his YouTube videos, he doesn’t seem to be falling down the money well at least not yet.

As consumers of a sort we must always “follow the money” of those whose opinions and reporting we follow. We must ask ourselves if what we are seeing, hearing and reading comes from a reliable source or from a source that is simply telling us what it thinks we want to hear for fame and fortune. If we as consumers are unable or unwilling to do that then I guess we might as well let FaceBook, Twitter, and Google tell us what is and what is not real.

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