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The left absolutely mesmerizes me. There are a lot of things the left would like me to care about but honestly, I don’t care. I don’t give a crap about the LGBT community or anyone in it. It isn’t as if I hate homos I just don’t care. Their struggles are not my struggles. I don’t care about Blacks or Hispanics or gender confused people for the same reason. Their struggles are not my struggles. Many other things are on my IDGAF leftist list too and many of those on the list are just bug-eyed crazy.

What I care about is myself. Can I keep a roof over my head, will I have a comfortable place to sleep tonight, will I have clean clothes on my back and good food in my belly? Will I survive. At my core, these are the most important things to me but there are also many other things I care about. I care about my immediate and extended family and of course, I just adore my beagle.  I care about my God and my country and the never-ending fight against evil communism, evil Islam, and evil in general for that matter.

You see I just don’t have any more room on my plate and I’ve got my own struggles to worry about. Everyone has their own struggles but what most people do is deal with those struggles as best they can not whine incessantly over them. In fact the more anyone whines about anything the less I care about whatever the hell it is they’re whining about. Imagine America’s conquers pushing and pulling their wagon trains west and sitting around all day whining about how hard the path was or how many savages they had to fight off to get to their intended destination.

Whining is not the American way. We don’t sit around and whine we get off our butts and do what needs to be done. If there is a path to be paved we pave it, a river to be crossed we build a bridge over it, a space to be conquered we fly off our planet and conquer the moon. We even left a car on the moon to remind everyone else who has claims on it.

So no I don’t give a crap about your bathroom choice or idiotic college major or whether my legs are spread wide open on a subway as I conquer the space around me. Screw you. Make your own world! I got my own thank you very much and it doesn’t include you and if it so happens that you make it so it does, things may not go well for you.

I think a lot if not most Americans feel as I do. Mind your business and leave me the hell alone. I don’t give a crap about the things leftists seem obsessed about and if you get in my face about it I’m very likely to bust you in the mouth.

Do you know who gives a crap about me? It isn’t those on the left trying to force me to give a crap about what they are obsessed about. It is the only one who is acting on the things I actually do care about like my own well being, my God, and my country. There is no one on the left and very few on the right who have ever done anything that helps with the things I care about most …… until now. And guess who has that mans back. That’s right I do.

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