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Millennials and teens today have not been educated about the horrible human cost of lives brought about by Socialism and it’s derivatives that promote centralized planning and powerful central government. Over 200,000,000 murders have occurred directly at the hands of such governments since 1900. Many of the educated promoters of such government do not realize that they themselves become targets of the governmental leaders as teachers, educated, intelligent citizens and dissenters are brutally dispatched to consolidate the power of the few elite. Why? Because intelligent people ask questions, and socialistic leaders do not want anyone to do that.

I hear supporters argue that they would be benevolent leaders and only do things that helped the common people, but they show their colors as soon as you start disagreeing with them. They get belligerent and say that you are stupid and brainwashed, dismissing any questions you have.  But lets say for a moment some socialist somewhere who only had good a pure motives was able to set up an absolute utopia that centralized all power under one roof and in one beneficial leader. What guarantees do we have that their successor would do the same? None whatsoever. We would have just created the mechanism for evil to absolutely rule.

Our next generation needs to be made aware of how deadly this philosophy is. There are rough estimates that 4 million african americans lost their lives as a result of slavery. We would never consider bringing such a horrible, dehumanizing practice back into America, would we? Of course not.

Then why in the world would we consider bringing back a system that murdered over 200 million innocents? Every dissenter against slavery once educated should also be a dissenter against the murderous doctrine of Socialism.


Numbers of Dead in the Millions.


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