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As I sit here pondering Memorial weekend looking out of the window at the flags waving in the warm gentle breeze, as if welcoming the oncoming summer sun, I also ponder the rise of Donald Trump through a crowd of 17 skilled politicians, to survive and now represent the long-suffering Republican Party. I watch the usual pundits astounded at his rise and many who call themselves Conservatives trying to board that sad #NeverTrump bandwagon.

Like many Americans, I had hoped that Mr Obama would make true his “hope and change” slogan when he took office. The change came (which in my opinion has been a complete disaster) and the hope never appeared and has ended in this country like a sick patient lying in a hospital bed desperately looking for a cure. Mr. Obama has divided the country along racial lines more than anytime since the 60s, bashed the wealthy, and tried to figure out how to regulate everything in our country from bowel movements with those nasty Michelle school lunches to making a small puddle of water on a farm under the strict regulation of the EPA. We now are at a point where you can decide in the morning you want to be a female and go into the ladies room and in the afternoon decide you are a man and stand at the urinal. If you want to go to the girls shower you can as Shania Twain sings “Man I feel like a woman” and  strut your manhood before the gals and supposedly we are not to get offended.  I could list all the ills Obama has brought to this great nation that has now turned into a patient in the critical care unit. I finally figured out the miraculous rise of Mr Trump. He seems to be the penicillin that this country longs to be on to heal and “Make America Great Again”.

Like Jimmy Carter, Obama put us in a state of malaise and Mr. Trump has come along with his slogan and his words and injected a sense of optimism back into the arm of they country and it sees hope again. Mr. Trump says we will be so proud and make great deals and put America first again. Americans are exhausted of being browbeat by Obama and his ilk and we want a leader that truly believes that he wants to put our country first and crank up the engine that has long since been put in cobwebs by the liberal progressives.  Trump believes in American jobs more fair trade deals , a border that is secure and PATRIOTISM. The liberals only know one thing. Pandering for votes and income redistribution. Like slavery they had out Obama phones and welfare checks and food stamps and say they are looking out for the “people” All  I see in the Progressives is a plantation owner with a big white hat with a smirk on his face knowing that these fools that believe that the crumbs he throws them will keep them on the plantation begging for more. Mr Trump believes in that long since closeted idea that in America you can do anything you want as long as you WORK HARD for it. Mr Trump grew tired of sitting in Trump Tower watching the bumbling idiots that are destroying the fabric of this nation and decided to go out and do something about it.

For years I have begged for the chance for a person that actually knows something about business to be in charge and try to RUN the country like a successful business. Let these overeducated Harvard nincompoops go back to the colleges and and ponder ideology and let a businessman try to balance the books for a change.  Mr Trump has the business experience and along with that has told us that we can be a great nation again and we will be so proud of our country again.

THAT is the large shot of penicillin that this sick patient so desperately needs. Enough of the BASH America that Obama has injected in our mentality and for a change lets embrace a man that does believe in the greatness of America. I WANT To be proud of my country and not have to hang my head and get up each day wondering what the next slow cut in our national fabric will be from people that don’t seem to like the country and only seem interested in their next election. I want someone that actually built something versus an old woman that somehow gets paid a quarter of a million dollars for a speech and has never really done anything in her life that really matters. Yes that sounds harsh but I am angry. The horrendously poor judgement of a woman that put a private server in a bathroom in Colorado somewhere put our national security at risk and her only thought was to keep her emails from being seen by Judicial Watch.  I don’t want a “First man” that will sneak off to some corner of the White House and deposit his DNA on a blue cocktail dress of an intern. I want a beautiful well spoken woman in a Halston dress that speaks three languages to be first lady and not those sad tubby looking pantsuits . I think Ms Clinton would look far better in an orange jumpsuit making a guest appearance on Orange is the New Black serving meatloaf to the other inmates.

Nothing about this writing is politically correct and I am actually hoping that a few brain dead liberals might read this and cause a cerebral embolism.

There I said it and I meant it.

SO in closing. I want Mr Trump to succeed with his motto Make America Great Again and maybe just maybe some of my anger towards the fools that have run this country for far too long will dissipate . I want to wake up on Memorial weekend and put my flag in the mailbox and beam with pride again. So in November  I will vote for Mr Trump to go to Washington and actually do what that slogan on the red baseball cap keeps telling us. It is time to bury that “hope and Change BS that proved to nothing but a train wreck.


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