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The divorce rate in this country is astounding, with 50% of couples separating, and the number continues to climb. There are many causes of this staggering rate, but one pervasive cause is that spouses are sometimes tempted and sadly succumb to cheating. However, we now have a major public figure to whom we can look emulate as a role model for marriage—Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence, a deeply religious and moral individual, refuses to go anywhere alone with a woman without his wife, Karen, present. He does this so that he will not be tempted to engage in any inappropriate behavior with another woman. Not that he thinks that he will stray, but he understands the male nature and that it is quite natural for a man to have thoughts about other women, however fleeting those thoughts may be. He realizes no one is impervious to temptation and is is aware of how damaging that can prove to be in a relationship.

This is reasonable thinking and a great principle to live by.

But, as usual, the Left can’t help themselves.

Ashley Parker at the Washington Post put it this way—Mrs. Pence is the Vice President’s “prayer warrior, gut check and shield.” Parker tweeted her article on Wednesday, saying that Pence never dines alone with a woman or attends events with alcohol without his wife. Leftists from all over the country ridiculed Pence for his apparent “sexism.”

As if they haven’t used that label for every conservative they’ve ever attacked, without ever having any evidence, but I digress.

But they also attack Pence for being old-fashioned and a weirdo for protecting his fidelity at all costs. Leftists are lambasting him, such as Slate calling the couple “prayer-loving, Bible-studying thieves,” as well as making fun of Pence for calling his wife “mother” in front of his children. Leftists are also accusing Pence of being weird and controlling.

If anyone is being controlling, it’s Pence controlling himself. He is showing the utmost respect for his wife, while doing his best to be a great husband.

What a scandal! This will probably lead to… a great and healthy marriage?

What Pence is teaching every single one of us is that you do not put yourself in a position that will compromise your integrity.

The nature of man is why many religions advise this type of behavior, if not require it. The famous Reverend Billy Graham vowed “never to meet, eat, or travel alone with a woman other than his wife, a strategy to protect his marriage and to avoid even the appearance of an inappropriate relationship.”

Jewish law, as prescribed in the Torah, also requires this with the laws of “Yichud,” a word which loosely translates as “seclusion.” This area of Jewish law codifies that men and women cannot be alone together, without certain exceptions such as the two being relatives, or if there is a door open, so not to arouse temptation or suspicion.

Why does the Torah, and the Christian Bible, bring this up as a matter of law? Because God understands the nature of humankind and relationships. It doesn’t take a genius to surmise that seclusion with someone of the opposite sex will put thoughts into your mind, and possibly lead to inappropriate action.

And this is the smoking gun. The Left despises religion. Secularism is its religion, and government is its false god. Anyone who doesn’t support this ideology is “out of the mainstream” and an “old-fashioned weirdo.” So they can tolerate Bill Clinton cheating with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office, while Pence’s fidelity to his wife is something to be ridiculed.

This is why so few respect the lawless and “anything goes” Left anymore. We have slowly witnessed the steady and devastating decline of any sense of propriety and moral code in our society.

Our country is based on Judeo-Christian ethics and morality. Our rights come from God, not the government. This is the basis of our Constitution, which the Left hates as well, despite any lip service they pay to it. And despite many conservatives’ distaste for President Trump and the Republicans, the Left never fails to make them look great by comparison.

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