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The Democrats Are Already Fighting America’s Second Civil War!

Merriam Webster dictionary definitions:

Anarchy:  absence or denial of any authority or established order

Resist: to exert oneself so as to counteract or defeat

Gestapo: a secret-police organization employing underhanded and terrorist methods against persons suspected of disloyalty

“” has been in existence since 1967. It has raised money and provided funding for a variety of groups with a variety of “causes” since its inception, which began with anti-Vietnam war protest during the hippie generation. It still offers financial grants to a variety of groups. However a “Resist” goggle search today produces multiple pages of “Resist” links to groups, websites or planned activities devoted to shutting down the Trump Presidency and stopping any or all Conservative actions on a local, state and especially national level, regardless of the cost or consequences (this is obviously well organized and well-funded anarchy).

During Obama’s first term it became apparent to me that the Democrats were all speaking with one voice. It seemed that they all got out of bed every morning with a memo or e-mail in their “in basket” with their talking points and instructions for that day! Today if you spend just a few minutes following any current media it will be clear that is what is happening today, with “RESIST” in the opening sentence every day!

“Resist” is now the inflexible “Mission Statement” and “Battle Cry” for the Democrats.

“Resist” is not just a call to resist any conservative and their attempts to accomplish anything. Now it is an open threat to oppose everyone personally if they do not strongly “Resist”! Elected official’s phone lines are being jammed all day every day and their mail boxes are being overloaded by groups led by organized and paid protestors demanding that they “Resist” everything Conservative. A guest Liberal radio talk show host recently reported that every call he got, except for one. during his two hour show was “progressives demanding all Democrats oppose everything Trump to the extreme, including filibustering all Trump appointments, especially the Supreme Court nominee, or be “primaried” (face opposition in their next primary election)”.  In addition to the intense pressure to “Resist”, Democrats who do publicly “Resist” are being rewarded with heavy campaign donations. Elected officials are not the only people being targeted by Democrats.This past weekend, 3/25/17 organized and /paid protestors physically attacked people at pro-Trump rallies  and liberal law firms are still offering free legal aid to anyone that is arrested protesting any pro-Trump or Conservative events. The Democrats “scorched earth, win at any cost” tactics are beginning to resemble some of the Gestapo tactics I have read and heard so much about during WWII!

Clearly the Democrats have declared all-out war on our Constitution and America. Statements like what Senator Diane Feinstein said last week during the Supreme Court nominee hearings confirms this. She said that she believed that the Constitution “was a living, breathing document that must change with time”. This is not the first time that I have heard someone on the Left say this but I was shocked to hear a ranking Senator say that openly, without hesitation, in front of TV cameras!

It is almost certain that this “second civil war in America” will tear America apart as much as the first one did, and that is precisely what the Democrats want to happen.  We must be visible, vocal, and unrelenting in our support of our Constitution and America or we will lose our country in November 2018!

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