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Like the broken clock that’s right twice a day, Michael Moore in the trailer for his new left wing propaganda piece actually got the story half right. In his now viral diatribe, Moore expounds on the reasons that he sees that are bringing middle and working class Americans, Democrats included, to Trump’s cause in droves. It’s here that Moore hits the nail right on the head with his analysis and where he’s gotten the most attention.

Like the fictional movie hero Howard Beale (Network – 1976), everyday Americans are as angry as hell and  they’re not going to take it anymore. The much maligned and ill-used middle class is at the end of its figurative rope and for many, that means throwing aside long held political beliefs and alliances. No longer does the Democrat Party represent the America that many hard working Americans remember with fondness and pride – it’s no longer the working class party of our grandfathers. As the party has been taken over by radical and left wing zealots, those Americans who grew up knowing what their futures held and what their beliefs were are now finding themselves increasingly at odds with the new vision that the Democrats put forth. Pride in being an American, a can do attitude, a belief in God and an undying optimism about the future are all things now ridiculed and minimized by the left.

The politically correct have taken offense at such union staples as the Monday holiday of Columbus Day and the religious celebration of Christmas. The environmentalists somehow always manage to take good paying infrastructure jobs such as the much maligned XL pipeline and turn them into their latest cause célèbre. If it isn’t a previously unknown snail or toad, it’s some long forgotten and misplaced ancient Indian burial ground that delays and ultimately cancels major construction projects that at one time would have put food on many, many  tables. If this 2.0 version of the Democrat Party had existed during the fifties, the Interstate Highway System would be known only to historians as an ash pan project that didn’t make the cut.

All of this is undeniably true but where Michael Moore deviated from the real truth is in his conclusion that Donald Trump is not the solution to the problems posed by this new reality. He puts forth that more of the same in the form of voting for Hillary is the cure that we need and fortunately, that doesn’t even register with many common sense Americans.

As many know but sometimes seem to forget, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. After eight years of President Obama’s failed policies, worldwide apologies and endless golf outings while people were visibly suffering, Americans are crying out in increasing numbers for action and change.

Contrary to Michael Moore’s opinion, Hillary Clinton, with all of her thirty years of baggage and self-enriching scheming is clearly not that agent of change. A President Hillary would be a mistake of epic proportions and something that history would never forgive.

Donald Trump on the other hand, while he remains our generation’s version of P.T. Barnum and who has his own, smaller collection of baggage, is that agent that America is longing and searching for. Let us all  revel in the fact that Donald Trump has thus far done the unthinkable to make it as far along in the political process as he has and pray together for his, and our future with a President Trump.


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