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Let’s get real about this Charlottesville debacle.

Let us examine only FACTS, and let us use our God-given intelligence to bring logic into a national brouhaha:

  • Racism is bad. Period. None of the people I know are racists. If I knew a racist, I would not associate with him/her. But this is the United States, and people have rights, and among those rights are the right to be a racist.
  • The neo-Nazis in the National Socialist Party of America who stirred up Americans with their intended July 4th march through pre-dominantly Jewish Skokie, Illinois, back in 1977 were evil and despicable, but broke no laws. At the time, the ultra-liberal ACLU announced that …“no matter how despicable, we stand for the Constitutional rights of the National Socialist Party of America.” And even though the ACLU won the case in the Supreme Court, the Nazis never paraded in Skokie. (I happen to be a veteran, and had I been a resident of Skokie on the day of the scheduled parade, I probably would have attended the parade… but ONLY to turn my back on the passing Nazi fools, letting them know how I felt about them. And I’m certain that thousands more would have joined in with me.)
  • In Charlottesville, one despicable group followed the law to get a permit to protest the destruction of artifacts of American and World history, artifacts honoring many of their ancestors, and Constitutionally permissible. And since the recent push had already begun to destroy Civil War statues, the legal protesters were angry. And since Virginia is an open-carry state, many of those protesting showed up looking more like a rag-tag militia than the protestors most of us can visualize. No one was shot, nor did anyone pull a firearm during a rather visible physical struggle between the legal protesters and an opposing group. There are no police, media, or eyewitness accounts of firearms being used.
  • Another group, called proudly “Counter-protesters” by the media, showed up in camo, khaki, and ninja black outfits complete with facemasks and helmets, and carrying clubs, bottles, sticks and chains. All perfectly legal, mind you, if they also had a permit to assemble. THAT fact has not yet been disclosed, but undoubtedly proof enough of advanced planning of violence. And all in the name of STAMPING OUT ALL TRACES OF SLAVERY. They have no idea, or even care, that they are also destroying history.
  • Police were told to stand down… a liberal tactic commonly used to show how out of control the Republicans are (see most recent Baltimore riots; Berkeley riots; St. Louis riots.) The Charlottesville Mayor, Michael Signer, is a Democrat, who recently boasted that Charlottesville was the epicenter of the resistance to President Trump. Virginia Governor Terry Macauliffe is also a Democrat, and a former member of the Clintonistas who subscribed to the theory that a disaster is an opportunity for the left to spread their dogma and show their stuff. (I am a retired police officer who worked and survived the urban riots of the late-60s and early-70s. I have worked labor protests, abortion protests, and religious protests. I was NEVER given an order to stand down. My job was ALWAYS to keep the peace and maintain order)… something the Charlottesville police did not do.
  • And as to the driver accused of murdering Heather Heyer, with his automobile… he has already been convicted by the media and thoughtless public commentary. Doubtful, but we may eventually find that the fool fully admits to trying to kill some of the counter-protesters, and then again… we may learn that it was a stuck accelerator that caused the tragedy. That driver also has Constitutional rights BEFORE any trial or punishment.
  • President Trump, in initially denouncing the Charlottesville violence, did something that just about half of the people in this country did not do… he waited until he had facts before affixing the blame for violence and hatred. Unlike Hillary Clinton, who took FOUR DAYS before lying to America about the Benghazi ABANDONMENT, Trump waited. Unlike President Barack Hussein Obama, who pre-announced the innocence of Trayvon Martin in Florida, and Michael Brown, in Missouri, before having any of the facts, Trump waited. Why is President Trump being scourged by the left and the media?
  • And finally… those who would endorse the current trend to stamp out all traces of slavery by means of tearing down Civil War plaques and statues… Where is it going to end? There is already talk of destroying the Stone Mountain, Georgia Civil War sculptures, and racial scammer Al Sharpton is all in for destroying the Jefferson Memorial. Just today, vandals attempted to mar the Lincoln Memorial.
  • You, who espouse these changes… you are no better than the Islamo-terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, who have destroyed ancient and priceless Christian AND Muslim religious artifacts and temples in an effort to stamp out all traces of Christianity.

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