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A Case Study of Liberalism in American Politics: Making Trump Hitler

“He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” – Georg Hegel

Are liberals capable of learning from history?  To understand history, and thus avoid its pitfalls, one must first be able to interpret history and compare it to current events using a moral compass and a depth of understanding that is beyond most liberals.  The defining characteristics of liberalism are shallow thinking, lack of understanding simple math, and easily being duped by erroneous facts and hollow comparisons. 40% of Americans believe that Russia hacked the election, that Trump voters are white nationalists, and that they can change the climate of the planet.  Why do liberals insist on believing lies?  Because it is more appealing to people’s egos than admitting they are wrong.

Democrats demand to examine Trump’s tax returns to find crimes.  This is hilarious as liberals can’t decipher their own 1040-EZ.  How could they possibly understand the taxes of a billionaire?  Hillary already proved how vacuous the ignorant are when they laughed at her mocking Trump for “losing a billion dollars on a casino.”  If you exercise a modicum of good sense, losing a billion dollars on a casino is easy to understand when you realize that first, you have to build it.  Forty-story hotels are not built overnight for free.  These same people understand so little about taxes that they think K-12 education is free.  Would trust them to make intelligent decisions when they don’t understand the simplest things?

Their analogy of Trump as dictator mirroring Hitler’s dictatorship is a case in point.  What liberals put forth as intelligence and logic based on facts are conclusions based on false assumptions that they believe to be logical.  Their confusion is reflected in their dysfunctional thinking of the events depicted in the latest Marvel film of the Avenger series, “Captain Marvel,” that was just released as a prelude to their finale, “Avengers: Endgame.”

How liberals perceive all the wrong things making all the wrong interpretations from the script of Captain Marvel;

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.”

In this statement I am, of course, referring only to 21st-century liberals who are anti-American socialists.  Their belief that socialism leads to Utopia rather than what it has always historically led to, i.e. impoverishment and death, is due to their lack of education and shallow thinking.  It is not a sin or a flaw to be a liberal.  We are all born ignorant.  We all want to see the best for people.  And we all want to live good lives.  But what they are being taught is contrary to what Americans have grown up within the past before socialists corrupted our education system.  Being ignorant is not a crime but choosing to be ignorant and remain a liberal over the age of thirty is a major inherent character flaw in Democrats.

In Captain Marvel, our heroine, Cpt. Carol Danvers, is a strong-willed woman who is determined to fight the righteous battle.  She is well grounded in morality and self-determination.  She exhibits the highest qualities found in American military personnel of being dedicated to serve and protect others.  This quality is what leads most military personnel from federal armed forces down to local law enforcement and fire rescue services to become conservative Christian Republicans.

I would put great faith in Carol Danvers but have no faith in the person of the actress Brie Larson who has smeared Republicans on her Twitter.  That’s because most actors in Hollywood, while they pretend to be great heroes on the silver screen, fall far short in their own lives due to their being in a vocation of professional liars.  For that reason, most Hollywood actors tend to be liberal atheist Democrats.  (The way some of them talk it has to make you wonder if, when they are fighting Nazis, they imagine themselves to be fighting Republicans.  Lincoln must be spinning in his grave!)

The basis of the storyline is a war between the Kree and the Skrull.  Danvers is part of the Kree and doesn’t remember her life on Earth.  She has been taught by the Kree that they are a race of “noble warrior heroes” fighting to protect their borders from invading shapeshifters known as the Skrull.  We later learn that the Skrull as actually refugees fleeing from the invading Kree who are determined to enslave or wipe out everyone who is not of their race.  If this sounds to you like Nazi Germany or Islam there is a vast amount of history to support your conclusion.  If this sounds to you like Republicans, then you are suffering from a delusion that I will reveal.

Case in point – how shallow thinking is reflected by liberals in hearing the descriptives and watching the story unfold in Captain Marvel:

The story that liberals hear are the trigger words that set them off thinking of the “evil of Trump’s anti-immigration policy.”  They hear that refugees are seeking shelter and that the Kree are defending their borders against their invasion and want to eradicate them.  Except neither of those are what is happening either in the story or in America.  The Skrulls are not seeking shelter by invading the Kree borders but fleeing them.  The Kree are not defending their borders but expanding them by conquest.  America is not doing this nor are Latino-communists coming to America for shelter but to assist Democrats to overthrow the citizenry they can’t control.

Let’s examine this in a case study of Hitler’s policies as Germany’s Chancellor turned dictator and Trump’s policies as America’s president:

The making of a Dictator According to History – an assessment of Hitler’s rise

This article is an excellent assessment of Adolf Hitler’s agenda upon seizing power after being elected Chancellor.  I’ve already written an article detailing similarities between Hitler and Obama that are also reflected in Lucas’ Star Wars saga (which is basically a sci-fi version of WWII).  That analogy is here;

How Obama, Hitler, and the Star Wars Emperor are the same

But now the left is making comparisons of Trump to Hitler and they are taking Hitler’s anti-immigrant policies and applying them to President Trump.  Except their facts erroneously ignore Trump’s actual actions and true motivations for their fictional narrative that the left has created to demonize him.  This is easily exposed and explained in a side-by-side examination of Hitler’s policies vs. Trump’s.  They claim he hates immigrants and that as a racist, cages children, and separates families.

Let those whose minds are not closed by their mindless rage have their eyes opened.  The one defining characteristic I have come to realize in liberalism is that they are ruled by emotion rather than logic.  This does not make them compassionate.  It makes them irrational and prone to believe erroneous, untrue things like Trump as Hitlerian, white nationalist racism, and the left’s socialist global warming phony science.

This leftist interpretation of the Captain Marvel script is either the result of a propaganda technique that is more masterful than humanly possible or a result of purely dysfunctional thinking on the part of liberals – which is what I’m inclined to believe.  Never in his life did the legendary Stan Lee ever indicate himself to be a leftwing zealot.  Stan had a Christian heart and a great moral sense like Walt Disney.  Unlike Supergirl, he never let liberalism pervert his masterwork.  But this quick synopsis will only tackle the Hitler comparison and not compare Democrats to the Kree.

Hitler’s anti-immigrant policy and Jew-hatred:

In the article on Hitler’s rise, the author describes the dictator’s policies regarding immigrants.  Hitler won based on a cult of personality.  Between Trump and Obama an honest assessment of all the facts reveals that, like Hitler, Obama was also elected based on his personality because he, too, was a man of no accomplishment, while Trump was elected based on his lifelong history of accomplishments.

Both Obama and Trump made the same promises, but once in office, Obama’s politician promises fell by the wayside whether through incompetence or treachery is for those who learn to decide.  Not in the case of Trump.  Leftists have spun his history into a tale of how Trump is doing the same things as Hitler while completely ignoring how Obama did it.  Let’s pick that argument apart with good sense and the truth.

The author of that article said,

“In his rallies, Hitler ranted against feminists, left-wing politicians, homosexuals, pacifists, and liberal newspaper editors. Once in power, the Nazi regime was run exclusively by men. Nazi propaganda mocked disabled people, feminist associations were all closed down, vagrants were rounded up and imprisoned, illegal Polish immigrants were deported, and Germany pulled out of international organizations and tore up treaties with cynical abandon.”

The author completely misrepresents history by twisting words based on modern events.  Hitler’s policy was not “Germany first” as the author states, but Germany only.  His was the Master Arian Race and they had a right to “breathing room,” to expand their power over the inferior races tainted by weak Latins, Mongols, Arabs, and Moors that were his neighbors.  He did not rant against “feminists, left-wing politicians” and others.  He ranted against everyone who was not a member of his National Socialist Party.

Hitler shut down any publication that did not promote his party.  President Trump hasn’t shut down anyone but has scorned every media outlet that has repeatedly attempted to pass off false stories as true.  He kicked Acosta out of news conferences for being rude and obnoxious.  The media has suffered, not because of Trump’s actions, but because most of the people recognize their lies and turn away from them.  When Trump says “America First” he is clearly not saying elevate America above all others but that his duty as president is to America first, not the rest of the world.

Trump has not been advocating for America to dominate all others as Hitler did Germany but protecting America from being used and abused by others.  Liberals claim that America’s wealth attracts the greedy and out of the other side of their mouths say that other countries have a right to take from America because they claim America has taken from the world.  What America has done is trade with foreign nations and they have all prospered mightily as a result.  But some are greedy and want more than they’re willing to give in equal trade.  It is just like leftists to blame the victim for the crimes of greed committed against them as they blame a beautiful woman for dressing up and being raped.

“Once in power, the Nazi regime was run exclusively by men.”  No.  Once in power, that regime was dominated by the masters of the National Socialist Party.  The Trump administration is obviously not dominated only by white men.  Republicans have the same diversity as Democrats except they don’t have voting blocks made up of disparate groups airing their own petty grievances like the Black Caucus, Feminazis, and militant homosexuals.  Hitler persecuted the Jews for their religion.  In America, it is not Christian bakeries that are shutting down gay weddings but vice versa.

“Nazi propaganda mocked disabled people…”  Donald Trump never mocked disabled people despite what leftist propaganda claims.  He mocked a man for his stupidity using the same gestures he has used to mock stupid people in the past.  That the man was disabled never entered into his thoughts if he even knew of his disability.  But don’t let that stop the left from creating a narrative by which to smear him.

“…feminist associations were all closed down…”  What organization has Trump closed down?  The leftwing anti-American organizations like BLM, Antifa, and others that seek to overthrow American law have all sprung up!  “…vagrants were rounded up and imprisoned…” California alone lends the lie to that statement as illegal aliens now litter the streets with their tent hovels in their sanctuary cities.

The author says that “illegal Polish immigrants were deported.”  There were no “illegal” Polish immigrants.  Poles did not sneak over the border into Germany to steal jobs at low pay.  They were imported legally for that reason.  Hitler deported them as he deported all Slavic people because he saw them as an inferior race.  Trump does not deport illegal aliens because he sees them as an inferior race.  That’s just a fiction created by Democrats.  That illegal aliens from South America are uneducated does not make them inferior people.

But it does make them prone to violate American law.  Democrats import these illegals and to make them legal by giving them driver’s licenses.  That they then go out without knowing American driving laws and drive drunk, don’t carry insurance, and after causing accidents flee the scene is all part of the crimes illegal aliens continue to commit.  Using those same DLs for voter registration is how Democrats stuff the ballot boxes in their states with illegal votes.  If you don’t believe that then understand that they already break immigration laws so why would they care about breaking voting laws?

“…and Germany pulled out of international organizations and tore up treaties with cynical abandon.”  Germany pulled out of peace treaties that were meant to keep them from rebuilding its military and invading their neighbors.  Trump has shaken up NATO demanding that our allies, who have been riding on our backs, live up to their agreement to help pay for the costs of defending from the depredations of leftist communists.  He has pulled out of trade agreements because all of them were skewed to suck money out of the USA and give it away to trading partners who were getting wealthy by cheating American businesses.  These hardly equate to the same thing but that doesn’t stop Democrats from conflating the two.

Contrary to Democrat declarations, there are no Republicans who speak out against immigration.  Democrats deliberately confuse their importation of illegal aliens with the legal immigration that Republicans endorse.  Hitler wanted nothing to do with non-Germans but believed they should all be subjugated under the rule of the Master Race.  His persecution of the Jews has been called an extension of the Catholic Inquisition that was defeated by Christians.  Such persecutions called for by the church never existed in the teachings of Jesus.

Many on the left ignorantly don’t understand, or conveniently forget, that Jesus is a Jew.  They also forget, or simply hide the fact that the KKK is a Democrat creation of their master white race.  But through ignorance and miseducation, they now claim that it is part of the party of Lincoln.  These same people in the 1930s had nothing but praise for the totalitarian regimes of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and later Mao.  Neo-Nazis are not the far right of the political spectrum.  They are the farthest left.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad


That was just an example of how easily one paragraph of his article can be ripped apart.  I could do the same with the rest of his article because it is composed entirely of half-truths, false premises, and unreasoned assumptions.  The problem with combatting leftist lies is that lies are more quickly disseminated than the truth explaining how they are false.  It takes a couple of paragraphs to disprove a single sentence.  That’s the kind of time most liberals will not invest in digging out the facts.  There are many great sayings of elder wisdom that liberals, in their arrogance, discount as “obsolete.”

Wisdom is never obsolete.  Technology and knowledge may advance but people have remained the same throughout the ages.  It is understanding that wisdom, such as the meaning of “can’t see the forest for the trees,” that eludes most people causing them to dismiss it.  That expression applies to Obama eliciting sympathy for an illegal immigrant family seeking refuge as a distraction while ignoring the thousands crossing the border illegally to enter America and commit crimes.  Wise sayings about lies;

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” – Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens

“If you tell a lie big enough, often enough, eventually it becomes the truth.” – Adolf Hitler, ‘The Big Lie’

“When you want to help people, you tell them the truth.  When you want to help yourself, you tell them what they want to hear.” – Thomas Sowell

“To anger a conservative, tell him a lie.  To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.” – Anonymous

“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their delusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

“If all human ideas, good and bad, are allowed a battleground, so long as Truth is in the field, Truth will prevail.”  – John Milton

“Just as you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you can tell a liberal the truth, but you can’t make him think.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

Democrats are notorious for presenting a false premise and then smearing Republicans in the eyes of the electorate.  Republicans reject the Democrat definition of climate change as a man-made event.  Democrats deliberately confuse their definition with the scientific definition and then declare that Republicans reject science and say stupid things like, “Trump doesn’t believe in gravity,” to belittle him.  Democrats cannot have an educated voter knowing the facts.  For the same reasons they deliberately conflate illegal aliens with legal immigrants.  The latter commit half as many crimes as citizens because they are good people who want to become productive Americans, while illegals are already breaking the law so are not concerned over breaking more.

Elsewhere the author spoke of Hitler “packing the courts” and relates that charge on Trump making court appointments.  It isn’t Donald Trump who is talking about packing the Supreme Court.  Democrats want to appoint several additional liberal activists to overturn any decision by the majority held by conservative Constitutionalists.  President Trump is merely appointing judges as is his duty and his right.  If a liberal judge like Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg kicks it, he has every right to appoint a conservative judge in her place.  He has a right to appoint lower court judges that are being blocked by Democrats in the Senate with their bogus filibuster rules they created in the 20th century to restrict Republicans from undoing the damage the left has done.  Democrats use the legal system to unmake American law.

Democrat judges constantly overrule Constitutional law in favor of creating the laws as they want them to be and continue their injustices until overturned by higher courts.  This isn’t law.  It’s lawlessness.  This isn’t just a tactic of delay and corruption but is designed to bankrupt the righteous with legal fees.  The Democrat persecution of Christian businesses is a violation of the 1st Amendment and prosecutable but will cost businesses immensely until they win years later in the Supreme Court.  If Democrats seize power in that court, then this nation will be lost.

It is not Republicans who have been advocating for people breaking American laws.  It is not Republicans who have been rioting in the streets, protesting free speech events, cursing police, assassinating cops, assaulting their political opponents, or corrupting people’s minds.  It is not Republicans persecuting atheists and Islamists and gays but being persecuted by them.  Republicans are not against immigrants but welcome those who obey American laws and want to become Americans.  Republicans are not against law-abiding citizens but stand against those who would overthrow American law by corrupting her cultural values.  Republicans are the Christians who founded this exceptional free nation whom Democrats are persecuting in favor of atheists with the help of Islamists who represent the most socialist of ideologies.

So, in the final analysis, which party has become more like the Nazis – Republicans or Democrats?

Democrats deliberately break American immigration laws to import Latino-communists into cities in which they give them sanctuary, citizen’s rights, free benefits, and allow them to vote in elections.  As pointed out, they already break all immigration laws so what do they care if they also break voter laws if it gains them power?  They go to the border and declare that ICE is putting children in cages, separating families, and persecuting refugees.  They do not tell the truth of how border security operates and, after inciting their fanatics with their lies, none of them cares to examine the truth.  They adhere to their beliefs and damn ICE agents upholding American law as the Gestapo.

Liberals claim they are “helping refugees escape tyranny, poverty, and gang violence.”  This is laughable in the face of Democrats who have actively promoted South America socialists and their gangs of criminals just as they promoted the same in California, New York, and Chicago.  Their faux outrage of crimes against Republicans by the likes of fake hate crime fraudsters falls on its face when they don’t name the victims of their crimes.  Liberals cheered for Hugo Chavez as he impoverished Venezuela then turn to declare the nation suffered because of U.S. sabotage and greed.

Again, you are extolled to understand their statements and question their historical interpretations in the light of all the facts weighed by morality.  It is not enough to just know history.  To learn from it, it is necessary to understand it.  You can know history and not learn the right lessons from it.  Liberalism is notorious for learning the wrong lessons due to their incomplete education or lack of understanding of morality.

I have known liberals who thought the moon landings were faked based on a “documentary” proving it by examining videos.  When I was shown this, I recognized that the producers used the viewer’s lack of understanding of how cameras work to convince them that what they were seeing was a fraud.  As a photographer who learned camerawork in high school and studied the operation of cameras through the Time-Life book series, I easily debunked every scene of this entire documentary as bogus.

The same is true of some liberal’s belief that 9-11 was committed with demolitions.  Even as eyewitnesses to the event they didn’t understand the sounds of floors pancaking into each other but thought they were explosions.  Had they ever witnessed an actual implosion they might understand their misperceptions.  Likewise, the belief by some that the Pentagon was hit by a missile was fostered by photographs of where an engine struck the building leaving a big hole.  If they understood how an aircraft and its jet engines were made, they might understand their confusion.

But when liberals are faced with the truth that conflicts with their emotionally held beliefs, they often become angered and enraged thus closing their minds.  This is akin to a child whose mother tells them Santa Claus is real on Christmas Day but who is then told by their father that he is not.  They typically run away to the mother crying or attack the father and hate him.

President Trump shutting down the border with Mexico to stop the massive invasion of illegal immigrants will hurt the U.S. trade but not as much as illegals are who are being given taxpayer money by Democrats.  Democrats disseminate citizen’s rights and benefits to illegals like they’re free candy.  Legal immigrants are being forced to pay for the privilege of being in America while these Latino-communists are invading our country, not waving American flags begging to become Americans, but waving their own country’s flags.

Democrats would gladly force Trump to close the border and damage the economy because any destruction they create can be used to smear and slander Trump.  Harming America is a plus to Democrats.  They have always benefited from creating economic disasters such as in 1930, 1960, 1976, 1992, and 2008.  The invaders recognize that Democrats want their help in overthrowing the USA and establishing themselves as the rulers.  As always when socialists seek power it is the people who will pay the price as they hoover up their wealth.  The uneducated make their money by taking it from others, and one of those means is to have the people in power steal for them.

They would convert America from being the exceptional Land of the Free and Home of the Brave into the socialist land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.

“He who does not teach his son a trade, teaches him to steal.” – Rabbi Yehuda

“Capitalism makes the rich powerful, while socialism makes the powerful rich.” – Rush Limbaugh

Jesus often admonished those who listened to His lessons to either believe or reject Him.  “let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear know the truth.”  Leftists often use mockery to demean the truth speaker in the eyes of their ignorant followers.  Only the true zealots will adhere to the lies rather than begin their own examination of the facts to determine the truth.

It is only when a liberal mind is opened to read beyond the headlines and examine the full story in depth along with opposing opinions that their minds are truly set free to learn.  This is what happened to me over the course of my life from voting for Jimmy Carter – twice, to realizing that Republicans are the party of Americanism and that America is a righteous Christian nation that is the greatest good the world has ever known.  I am not in poor company as even Ronaldus Magnus and Donald Trump were both Democrats when they were young and ignorant.

Veritas Invictus – Dominus Illuminatio Mea

What do liberals expect to find in the Mueller report that came up empty?  Like taxes, all they can do is create innuendoes and implications through false assumptions over erroneous facts.  Democrats will not allow the immigration system they broke to be repaired because they will profit from seeding illegals in blue states they lost to flip the next election.  This must be done by presidential order.

Europe has found out that importing Islamo-Nazis was a big mistake as they are now trying to terrorize and colonize Europe.  In America, citizens have already realized that Democrats importing Latino-communists is not going to make America great but tear it down.  Even Rome discovered that in times of extreme crisis during great invasions that the republic must be under a dictator for a time to save them.

Democrats try to make hay over Republicans who say they are armed to teeth and have a trillion bullets as if they are threatening to overthrow the government to establish Trump as a dictator.  No.  That’s a lie!  Republicans are responding to Democrats threats to disarm them as Hitler did the German people to cement his tyranny over them.  They claim to have a right to disarm good citizens because they declare any speech critical of Democrats to be “racist hate-speech.”

Democrats are doing the same thing as Hitler blaming law-abiding citizens of the NRA for mass shootings all committed by leftist criminals, terrorists, and maniacs.  Again, it is a case of blaming the victims for the crimes that Democrats commit.  Leftists always try to portray events as if they occur in a vacuum so that they can color them as they wish rather than reveal the truth.

Donald Trump isn’t about corrupting Republican values, but about defeating the Democrat Nazi Communist Party.  He is not leading us away from the values of Lincoln but revitalizing them.  As the new righteous leader of the TEA Party movement, he is fighting to restore those values that Democrats have sought to destroy ever since we took their slaves away the first time.  What liberals fail to understand is that both sides in conflict use the same weapons.  The reason they use those weapons – one for conquest, the other for defense – is the deciding factor of which is right and which is wrong.

It is important to understand the motivations so as not to be deceived or misinterpret their intentions.  Trump and Hitler used similar words for similar policies, but they were opposites.  There is a mountain of evidence of Obama being an anti-American Moslem socialist that is being ignored by leftwing media striving to distract people from the truth with their fake news.

America is in turmoil because Democrats are waging a not so stealthy war against the Constitution and this insurgency must be crushed or this great nation of liberty will be lost!

The Democrat Strategy on the Mueller Report

The Mueller Report Will Continue to Arm the Anti-Trump Forces

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[Author’s Note: Ok, this was one of my longest articles, but the ground covered was necessary to really dissect the subject.  I am a one man show not getting paid for this and can’t take time to be perfect.  So, if you see any typos, grammar, word, or syntax errors please let me know because even the computer can’t catch everything.  The Democrat Party is deliberately deceiving people in order to sink the ship with the hope of making landfall with themselves as the command crew.  Liberals are the passengers who are at a loss with many drowning in the process.  I recently saw the movie “Passengers” again which is one of the greatest marooned stories ever told and was reminded of the Drowning Man Syndrome.  The drowning man will become desperate and lose all rational thought to reach out and grab any other swimmer for salvation often dragging them down with him.  This perfectly describes the mentality of Democrats and liberals in America today.  President Trump is striving to right the ship and repair the damage.  But Democrats will do all in their power to sabotage him.  Anyone who helps him is their enemy and they must dupe those who are drowning into believing that saving the ship will not save them.  Like cruise ships that have tainted food or stories of food chains having contaminated meats, everything must be suspect.  America is all races and cultures in the world uniting to become Americans.  Democrats don’t want Americans united in liberty but divided in servitude to the ruling elites.  America is in trouble, Democrats are at war with Republicans again, and the fate of their slaves and the free peoples of the USA are at stake.]

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