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Hi! I’m Eric Hoffer’s True Believer!
Fruit of a social-engineer weaver!
A Soros radical led by the collar,
Grateful for the Soros anarchy dollar!

You say this billionaire ignores the poor?
I spend his money at the store!
Who could be kinder than this billionaire,
Who pays me to give society a scare!

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My affections for illegals are sincere,
As terrorists flood in from year to year…
Irrationally, I want them to have a free pass!
So we can destroy the white middle class!

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A populist leftist I strive to be,
Hating Trump with Trotskyite energy!
My emotional-collective mentality?
A rash, naive universality!

From Beatle mania to Obama mania,
With looks and emotions from Transylvania,
I flaunt the secular while hating belief
That would give America peace and relief.

Truly, I am a refugee from reason,
Given purpose and money for a season!
Terrorism is always my disposition,
A necessary weapon for opposition!

I am, like my Marxist comrades, dumbed down.
Though I wore a scholar’s cap and gown!
My liberal schools would grade on the curve,
So their govt. funding wouldn’t swerve…

They taught me well while calling it wise,
To assault the innocent and dehumanize!
I’m proud to join the rank and file,
Of the lesbian, the gay, and the pedophile!

My banner is ever politically correct,
A flag to fly over America wrecked,
And wracked with hardship and pain I inflict,
Because by Soros I am hand picked…

From whence cometh my dirty looks?
From an absence of civics books!
Promote to no end my national disgrace,
By keeping these books from every student’s face…

With every breath I want you to know,
Freedom and nationalism is my foe!
While technology casts the moral aside,
For Soros dollars my hands open wide!

You say this billionaire ignores the poor?
I spend his money at the store!
Who could be kinder than this billionaire,
Who pays me to give society a scare!

I drag America to the Gates of Hell,
Bashing your cherished Liberty Bell!
For Marx and Trotsky and Soros I live,
As long as Soros continues to give…



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