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Having lost 30 of 50 states (60%) with a substantial Electoral College majority supporting their Republican opponent (57%), the Left is revealing just how uncivil and childish they can be by throwing the equivalent of a massive tantrum that began with a weepy election night.

Ever since election night we have experienced a series of assaults on the election outcome by a well-orchestrated campaign designed to intensify our nation’s division along partisan lines. The intent of these assaults is to delegitimize the election of Donald J. Trump and to obstruct the orderly transition from eight years of weak, ineffective “community organizer” government to a government run by competent adults who actually have outstanding records of accomplishment and who possess the will to take effective action.

These efforts were designed to create the illusion that the election of Donald J. Trump was not legitimate.

First there was the well-planned and choreographed “spontaneous” demonstrations by paid troublemakers that went on around the country for the better part of two weeks. Following the strong dose of reality the election administered to Democratic Party crybabies, these disruptions ironically were staged in strongly Democratic urban centers where Hilary Clinton won large majorities.

These tantrums merely exposed Democrats as poor losers who don’t possess the maturity to deal with an election loss their own biased polling had convinced them could never happen.

The result? No impact on the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next President.

Then there were the recount challenges in three key formerly Democratic states by the increasingly incoherent Jill Stein, a candidate who received exactly zero electoral college votes on election day.

Trump gained votes in Wisconsin, the recount was stillborn in Michigan when it was discovered that a Clinton stronghold, Detroit, had more votes cast than registered voters, and Pennsylvania’s never really began before it was shut down by the grown-ups in state government.

The result? No impact on the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next President.

Then there were the calls to abandon the Electoral College because of the perception that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. These calls came from those who have no comprehension of the beauty of our constitutionally-mandated Electoral College, a piece of genius designed to assure that a presidential election was national with every state contributing to the election. Why else would candidates campaign in states with very low populations?

Consider that Clinton’s vote majority in the State of California was sufficient to create the illusion that Clinton won a majority of votes cast nationally.

California’a vote is particularly corrupt in that the State deliberately makes it easy for aliens (non-citizens) to vote. In fact, California actually encourages alien voter registration since a driver’s license can be obtained without proof of citizenship and voter registration requires only a driver’s license and the applicant to claim they are a citizen without any proof of citizenship needed!

Why have California Democrats set up such an obviously flawed voter registration system? Could it be that they want as many illegal votes cast as possible?

There is a real need for federal law requiring a sound “true the vote” registration and voting process in all states.

It would also be wise for federal law to prohibit the release of popular vote totals in presidential elections in favor of reporting only electoral vote totals. Why? Because the popular vote is irrelevant in our Constitutional Republic. We are most certainly not a “Democracy” and those who insist on claiming we are must either be ignorant or charlatans.

The result? No impact on the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next President.

Then there were the claims that “Russia hacked the election”. Such claims were made on the basis of leaked rumors originating in our intelligence community. Such leaks are severe violations of federal law and illustrate how desperately in need of a housecleaning our intellligence agencies have gotten over the past eight years of political administration.

Ultimately, these claims are based on assumption-based assessments and they lack the proof that any court of law would require to establish the basis for the claim of Russian efforts to influence our election.

And while Democrats and Obama got on their high horse and denounced alleged Russian attempts to influence our election, our own nation is known to have committed far worse fraud by using US funds to try to influence the outcome of Israel’s last election, a process in which Obama is known to have taken a personal role. Democrats have a very peculiar set of standards for what is legitimate election activity.

These claims rage on in various forms in “the usual suspects” news media. The Russians hacked the election vote; the Russians didn’t hack the election vote; the Russians hacked the DNC and RNC; the Russians didn’t hack the RNC, they only hacked John Podesta’s email. But then we learned that Podesta volunteered his email password (which was “password”, how original!) to a “phishing” expedition (an email that requests his password on some pretext… and only those dumb enough to provide it are victimized).

In short, this claim is so weak it had to be constantly shifted and redefined in order to keep it on life support. Nevertheless, it is an effective tool to use on the many who are desperately seeking assurance that the sinking “feelings” they have won’t drown them so they willingly cling to every such fiction conjured up by the Left’s propaganda apparatus.

In all of this diversion over “Russian hacking” and whether or not this alleged hacking was the source of WikiLeaks materials, the “usual suspects” in news media completly ignored the content of the email messages that were released.

There is no dispute that Podesta’s leaked email messages contained damning evidence of corruption and collusion of the worst kind by the Clinton campaign. Yet such knowledge is treated as though it should have been kept from voters and, having seen it, voters should have ignored what they saw! Only the self-deluded can construct such a contorted view of reality.

The result? No impact on the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next President.

Then there were the claims that FBI Director James Comey influenced the election by his actions investigating Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers and devices (in a manner contrary to federal law) to conduct official government business that included the transmittal and receipt of the most highly sensitive classified documents.

Despite announcing to the world last July that Hillary Clinton had, on 110 occasions, either transmitted or received classified email that included the most sensitive and highly restricted intelligence information, Comey bizarrely claimed that there was insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction and he would not recommend prosecution by the Department of Justice (DoJ)! This, on the heels of the DoJ putting a young father in a federal penitentiary for one year for the heinous crime of having taken some pictures inside a submarine to show to his family.

Comey compounded his poor judgement by the nature of his non-investigation “investigation” whereby deals were made with key Clinton aides to grant them immunity from prosecution on the basis of any evidence found on their electronic devices in exchange for receipt of those devices which would be destroyed immediately after the FBI had viewed their contents! Destruction of evidence is a crime, and it is no less a crime because it was made as part of a “deal”.

Yes, there is a strong stench of political corruption associated with this faux investigaion, but the stench isn’t for the reasons the Left would like us to believe. The public has every right to expect honesty and integrity in the FBI, in their public officials, and most certainly in their candidates for election to the presidency.

Why wasn’t a proper investigation of Clinton pursued with all diligence so that it could have been completed a year earlier? We all know the answer to that question is obvious. Clinton would have been convicted and sent to a federal penitentiary, and that just wasn’t part of the corrupt Democratic Party’s plans for Clinton’s future.

To make things even worse, no Grand Jury was convened to consider any of the mountain of evidence of Clinton’s various crimes (nor to consider the crimes of her aides)

Finally, the “interview” with Clinton the Saturday before Comey’s public announcement disregarded all protocols for such interviews. Clinton was not sworn to give honest testimony (in other words, she was free to do what she does best, lie). No recording was made of the interview. In short, the interview was a complete sham designed merely to tick off a box in the list of actions taken during this faux “investigation”.

Comey further stained the FBI by reopening and then abruptly closing the investigation just days before the election.

Comey’s actions were well outside the norm for a thorough, responsible investigation and served only to create a pretext for a claim the election was compromised by his actions. Yet, in all this furor over Comey, the key point “the usual suspects” conveniently overlook is that despite the shoddy nature of the “investigation” the evidence clearly reveals Hillary Clinton is guilty of wanton espionage of the most severe extent by any major political figure in our nation’s history. Facts do not lie, but politicians and corrupt news media do.

The result? No impact on the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next President.

Then corrupt elements of “the usual suspects” news media sought to slander the President-elect by circulating a completely manufactured intelligence “dossier” that claimed to show that Russia had compromising information on the President-elect, implying that he would be a tool of the Russian government. How little these people understand the President-elect.

It didn’t take long to learn that this purported intelligence “dossier” on the President-elect was nothing more than a fabrication paid for by political operatives opposing the election of the President-elect.

That US intelligence agencies would even look at that dossier testifies to their own corruption. They wouldn’t have to look at something if it were of their own creation, and if they were aware of the allegations contained in the dossier through their own efforts, it is very clear the Obama administration would have used that material long before the eve of the President-elect’s inauguration.

This sorry episode serves to expose the depths to which the sore losers will go in their childish tantrum over the election results.

The result? No impact on the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next President.

Finally (at least to this date, but expect more), there is now the announcement that the Inspector General (IG) is investigating Comey’s actions that violated standards that are designed to ensure that the election process is not compromised by assertions and claims that have not been adjudicated.

Why now? Certainly the nature of Comey’s actions were known months ago. Why wait until just before the inauguration? If the investigation of Comey were delayed this long, why not delay it one more week until after the inauguration? Answer:  Because the timing was motivated by political considerations directed by the current administration.

The result? No impact on the reality that Donald J. Trump will be our next President.

While these petty actions will have no impact on the inauguration of Donald J. Trump as our next President, they are clearly designed to rabble-rouse and work up the crybabies of the Left who cannot believe they are losing so much of the ground they’ve gained over the past four decades in their efforts to destroy the American culture and the American economy.

This propaganda campaign has a purpose.

They know it will not negate the election (despite for childish calls for “martial law” and suspension of the inauguration).

However, they know it will heighten security issues and tensions at the inauguration. They know it might cause some of their less composed minions to take foolish actions. They know it will be disruptive. They know it will create pretenses to obstruct the confirmation process for Trump’s cabinet selections. They know it will create a pretext to obstruct Trump’s legislative initiatives.

But what they don’t seem to realize is just how destructive of their own pursuits these actions will have.

Many eyes have been opened by this whole sorry affair. Gone forever are the days when Leftist kingpins could invoke Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” by propagandizing in academia and news media and then sit back and watch their efforts bear fruit by moving the Leftist agenda forward.

The Left views normal Americans as gullible fools, willing to believe anything that appeals to their own feelings. That’s why they name-call so much.

When the Left labels others all the things the Left is, they effectively diminish the ability of their opponents to point out the Left’s own weaknesses.

So we have Leftists claiming their opponents are racist while the Left pursues racist agendas and foments racial tensions.

We have Leftists claiming their opponents are misogynists when, in fact, their opponents have a much better record of appreciating and utilizing the talents of women while the Left uses women as gender pawns in a political chess game.

Leftists claim their opponents are xenophobes, when in fact, the Left merely uses illegal aliens to advance their political agenda designed to destroy border security and weaken the US economy.

The biggest weakness and the Achilles heel of the radical Left is their immense hubris. They believe their own propaganda. They are so convinced their fictional reality is real, they act on their own fiction. Inevitably, this leads to defeat and frustration while further exposing the fatal weaknesses of the Lefts’ beliefs, the weakest of which is their belief that everyone else is as gullible as are they.

It is their monumental hubris that renders the Left ultimately so self-destructive and assures they are doomed to failure.


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