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If you have been following the new for a time, what the late election surprise might be has room for a lot of speculation. It might be just a few of the present questions being answered, like Trump releasing his tax return, Hillary’s lost e-mails being found, or the connection between the Department of State and the Clinton Foundation.

On a more serious note will an economic occurrence like 2008, or a Benghazi attack in 2012

Many experts say we are due for a financial crash worse than 2008. Student loan debt has had a big increase. This debt has been immune from bankruptcy. The amount in car loans has increased. Credit card debt is approaching the record of 2008. Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac did not get hit with the same regulations as the banks. We have a fiscal year ending September 30.

The banks and the IRS want a cashless society, because cash is harder to track. Many services are being automated for debit or credit cards. Paying cash is best for those who can’t control their spending.

I don’t thoroughly understand currency manipulation between countries, and the national debt, but I know most debt is expected to be paid back. How much of the debt is owed to ourselves, money taken out of pension and retirement funds?

How much of the debt is caused by overspending through executive orders? What was paid out in false income tax filings? What was spent without the approval of Congress?

What could happen in regard to political uncertainty? ISIS could be defeated or almost defeated leaving renegades to do major damage.  What will happen to Assad? What could be the new developments in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and the Crimea? Turkey had a coup attempt, and President Erdogan is moving his secular government toward an Islamist state. NATO could be affected. There have been enough changes since World War II that détente has ended What will Putin do?

Will we have another Ferguson, Baltimore, or Orlando? Will there be a natural disaster?

If few or no lives were lost, who would you want to handle the recovery?

I hope and pray for a comb and orderly and fair election with no violence or major upheavals, but this election year has not been a usual one.


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