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Ford testified that she saw Mark Judge at the Safeway he worked at several weeks after the alleged incident in 1982. Safeway was not licensed to operate in Maryland until 1986. I saw the document.

She has notes from a therapist from 2012 in which no names are named, but four people were supposedly involved. She said in her testimony that two people were involved, Mark Judge and Kavanaugh. She said in her Senate testimony that she and her husband went to the therapist in 2012 because of the incident about wanting the second door in the front of their house and she and her husband were having problems because of it. That building permit was approved in late 2008. I saw the document.

She mentioned in her testimony that she was a psychologist. In California, all psychologists must be registered with the state. She is not listed on the registry. The department she heads up at Stanford is linked directly to the CIA. She has ties to both Peter Strzok and Fusion GPS.

She said in her testimony that her lie detector session was very long and she was asked many questions. The interviewer said in a Fox News interview that he asked her two questions, neither of which was directly related to the allegations.

It was revealed in her testimony that she flew frequently, both for business and for leisure despite her earlier assertion that flying was difficult for her because of the alleged incident. Her former boyfriend said that she never mentioned anything about a sexual assault and never showed any symptoms of claustrophobia.…/shes-a-fraud-dr-ford-li…/

The committee Democrats, instead of questioning her, gave her a fluff. The committee Republicans, to avoid the appearance of bullying her, deferred their questioning to Rachel Mitchell, an Arizona prosecutor specializing in sex crimes. Ms Mitchell is considered to be pre-eminent in her field. Despite some claims that the format was horrible and that she was ineffective, Mitchell professionally, methodically and gently picked Ford’s story completely to pieces.

Ford testified that after she was shoved into the room, the door was locked behind them. She later testified that when she got a momentary chance to make a break for it, she ran out of the room. Pretty good trick for having a locked door to go through. She also testified that she then ran across the hall and locked herself in the bathroom instead of going downstairs where there were other people present.

Although many described her testimony as credible, for the reasons stated above, I will have to disagree. I would be more inclined to describe her as a sympathetic witness. I posit that this is so because of the voice alteration she employed and the attitude of compliance she affected. This projected an aura of vulnerability. Remember, she is trained in psychology.

She doesn’t remember when it happened, she doesn’t remember where it happened, she doesn’t remember how she got there or how she got home, but it happened 36 years ago… allegedly.

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