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Trump supporters and non-supporter are all over the religious spectrum. Because of an item called free will. We can be Christian, but at a different point in walking with God. Regardless of age some are still babes in being a Christian, others are still growing even if elderly. Starting points are: The Ten Commandments; the Beatitudes, the 23rd Psalm, and the Lord’s Prayer. A start for the individual is John 3:16.

Key words are: grace, faith, repentance, works, love, forgiven, and commandments.  Most people have broken one of the Ten Commandments at least once. If they made it through the first nine,  the tenth would catch them. Covertness’ covers greed, jealousy and power.

A person’s mind can do many things with the Holy Bible only prayer and very careful selection of advisers can give you the correct answer in many situations. Here are some of the games the mind can play:

Choose the emphasis you want to push.

Taking out of context.

Separating judgement from discernment and still having to make a decision.

Defining love.

Obeying the commandments.

Who are the false teachers and prophets?

Give unto Ceaser what is Ceaser’s and unto God what is God’s.

Love the sinner, hate the sin.

Willing to be a martyr but not planning on being a martyr.

Where is the line drawn in defending yourself and others?

Is there a limit on helping the poor?

I feel that most Christians would rather save and convert, then kill. How many gays and abortion doctors have been killed by Christians in the United States? I think that most Christians abhor the actions of the Phillips family ant the Westboro Baptist Church. J don’t see Christians pulling an Orlando. The establishment of Sharia could be a problem.

To me the gay community want special rights, as their sexuality is a private matter, between two consenting adults. There are clues, but I view people as just being different. No restrictions on marriage, jobs, or living arrangements. Just don’t force others into your take part in your life style. There is little room for transgender restrooms and locker rooms, how do you separate the transgenders from the perverts? Privacy and safety are of concern. Target is being sued over the issue.

Removing  the political restriction on churches, letting people not wanting to participate in private affairs like weddings, or health matters against the doctrine of the church is a plus for the church. Some item can still be allowed by the government but not funded by the government,


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