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When did Russia become the enemy again? Haven’t we already been there and done this kind of cold war thingy already? How did those years work out? Way back during Ronald Regan’s presidency we more or less worked out our major differences and the Russians gave up their empire along with communism. This all happened by pretty much peaceful means and the result was that the world became a slightly safer place.

Suddenly the Democrats want to make the Russians the enemy again.

Russia is not a serious threat to the United States and for that matter neither is China or Iran. On America’s worst day she could wipe any if not all of these countries at once right off the globe and as long as the USA maintains its military superiority over these countries they will never, ever be a threat to America directly. Both the Russians and the Chinese and Israel for that matter spy on America and try to influence American politics. When the Russians did it in 2016 their effort amounted to a few thousand dollars spent on FaceBook. Their lack of effort is what should be in focus here because you can bet the ranch that the U.S. spends a lot more spying on the Russians and trying to influence Russian politics than a few thousand dollars. Duh! Even George Soros spent more than that trying to influence the 2016 election.

Russia is mostly populated by White Europeans. Western Europe is gone and if you don’t know that you haven’t been paying attention simply because the people they opened their doors to will outbreed them in 20 to 50 years.

The enemy isn’t Russia or even China. The only wars we should ever have with these countries are white collar economic wars like what is occurring now but none of us hate the other to the point of wanting to murder each other. It’s just business. Speaking of business both Russia and China are host to more American businesses than you can shake a stick at with McDonald’s, Taco Bell and KFC everywhere. They don’t hate us.

So why would the Democrats want to make the Russians the enemy and are they saving the Chinese for some other time when they need a new demon? China is very racist after all with an institutional preference for white colored skin.

Is this how a political party in America shows its patriotism? Making enemies where they do not exist and creating tension where it wasn’t, doesn’t sound very patriotic to me, in fact, I think the DNC should send a delegation to Moscow and personally apologize for their behavior toward Putin and the Russian people. What they have done for the past 2 years is a disgrace to Americans, that their elected officials would behave in such a way and then when their treachery is discovered, fail to own it and accept the ramifications for that behavior.

The Democrats and the “legacy” news media have purposely poisoned the relationship between the Good Ole U.S.A. and Mother Russia and that type of interference in a relationship that might otherwise have improved over the past two years for the benefit of both nations should ring the bell of treason.

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