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It really seems so, considering all the things he did to destroy this country as the leader in the world. He spent more than all former presidents, COMBINED.

He purposely CRIPPLED our military by reducing its numbers unmercifully and taking away the money it needed to keep its weapons and other equipment in condition to use. The stories of airplanes unable to fly for lack of parts are rife, and the same is true in all other areas of equipment. Trucks and “big guns” sitting idle for lack of parts to use in repairing them, and nobody to drive them in any event.

He made a disastrous “deal” with Iran, and gave them PALLETS of cash to use to support Islamic terrorists in their war against us.

Unemployment rose to insane levels while he told us that was “the new normal.” This resulted in MILLIONS of unemployed while he “doctored the figures” to make it look not so bad by eliminating those who had given up on ever finding a job and had left the labor force. The economy stagnated while he and his liberal friends raised the taxes on the rich unmercifully and “bad mouthed” them for BEING rich, ignoring the fact that it is the people of ACHIEVEMENT who tend to become rich while creating jobs and opportunities for others.

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We could ask: IS he incompetent? I don’t think so.

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I think he did all those things on purpose to “bring us down” so he and Hillary could establish a SOCIALIST system similar to the communism that used to rule Russia and other countries, until it predictably failed because it produces NOTHING. It only STEALS the fruits of production from the PRODUCERS of society to give, UNEARNED, to those who produce NOTHING.

It pains me to notice that there are still many ignorant people who revere this man in SPITE of all he has done to destroy this country. people who pay no attention to politics, and buy all the liberal blather the liberal media spews. And they vote.

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Ray Thomas

Author of "What's Wrong IN America" and "Pay Attention to Politics,: Both available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I intend to spend whatever time I have left telling the TRUTH about what your government is doing to you, with the help of the bureaucracy and the educational system, and the liberal media. Up to now, I have been doing it through my three main blogs, which I update daily. they are: "The Bull Cutter) (, "The Unarmed Citizen" ( and "Ray's Shorts"( Read these blogs to keep up on what's happening that the liberal media refuses to cover, and just ignores.


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