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Why is the world filled with corrupt people? Why is violence, from simple assault to genocide, common? Slavery is endemic, and not just two thousand years ago, or two hundred. But, today human beings are sold for whatever price is deemed sufficient.

In many nations, governments imprison people, steal property, and deny basic civil rights. Nature, also, takes its toll. Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters kill tens of thousands every year. An average of 105 people die every minute of every day. That totals to more than the population of Peoria, IL every day and the entire nation of South Africa each year.

A-theists like to point out that if a loving God did exist, murder, rape, and slavery would not. If a loving God did exist, no one should die in natural disasters, or of cancer, or in accidents.

Truth is, a-theists make valid points. Others view God’s earth as wonderful and beautiful. If they can improve conditions in the world, Jesus Christ will return to set up his kingdom, but they are required to first improve quality of life before that happens. Naturally, a-theists say why bother?

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It’s a waste of time pretending if God does exist that he cares. In point of fact, the earth is corrupt and filled with violence, and the imaginations of men are only evil continually, like it was in the days of Noah.

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If we heed the fundamental beliefs of Evolutionists, then we must assume death is part of the circle of life. We live seventy years if we’re lucky. Some being luckier than others, too. In his mansion, Bill Gates is luckier than Honey Boo Boo, who dwells in a shack somewhere in Georgia. Yes, death is part of life, so get all you can and can all you get because tomorrow you’re going to take a dirt nap forever.

But, it wasn’t always like this. In the beginning, death did not exist. No one feared dying because no one died according to the Hebrews, the oldest continuously existing people in history. You won’t find a Philistine at an art museum, and you won’t bump into an Akkadian or a Canaanite at Macy’s. The Hebrew calendar this year is 5778, just two hundred, twelve years shy of six millennia.

Elohim, the deity that skeptics like to call a tribal god (as if He were an idol like Baal, Molech, or the moon god Alliah,) is dismissed, and the Bible is regarded as fairy tales written by Bronze Age shepherds with nothing better to do than make up stories to pass the time.

But, if the Bible is true, God created man in His image, after His own likeness. God created man, not with a word, but with His hands. He made the woman—the perfect companion for the man—from genetic material in the man’s side. Their bodies in the beginning were perfect, and the fruit of the trees were intended to nourish their bodies, for God planned that we would live in the natural world forever.

But, the Archangel resented that we, just newly created, were to be served by the host because we were the literal children of the Most High. Lucifer refused and stirred a rebellion in a third of the multitude and were banished from their former station.

Lucifer hates and envies man and took the woman aside to question her about what God said. The woman, until that moment, was content with the wide array of food available on all the trees except the one they were forbidden to touch. Lucifer cast doubt on God’s word. “Did he truly say?”

“Yes. In the day we eat of it, we shall surely die.”

“You will not surely die. For God knows in the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

A desire to be like God felled the Archangel. Covetousness caused the woman stop looking at all she had and focus only on the one thing she didn’t have.

That act of rebellion legally required God to curse His own creation. In short order the earth changed to what we now regard as normal. In that day they both died. The man lived for only 930 years. And, he left behind a legacy of death and destruction that will not end until the Elohim restores the earth to its previous condition and humans return to living as intended from the beginning.

And so has it continued to this day. God said versus Man said.

God said, “You are my children. Be sanctified and dwell with me forever.”

Man said, “Yeah, about that. We like things just the way they are.”

And yet, despite our continued rebellion, Christ loved us enough to die an agonizing death and save us from God’s wrath and allow the Spirit to change us into people pleasing to God. But, the day is coming also when murderers, thieves, truce-breakers, liars, the sexually impure and all others in open defiance of our Creator will be expelled to another place with Lucifer, having fellowship one with another forever.

Best not talk about it. Better to deny God even exists so they founded the religion of Naturalism and gave it a veneer of science to bestow credibility. In the beginning, nothing created everything and thought nothing of it.

Fairy tales are taught in the most prestigious universities around the world. Evidence to the contrary is hidden from view, ignored, or denied. God said, Man said. I finally learned to prefer the former to the latter. My future will be to live my life as the Creator intended. Unredeemed man never has and never will.

Let’s not forget that ignorance is bliss. Until it isn’t.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Robert McClain

A published science-fiction author, I live in Denham Springs, Louisiana. But, my first love is writing commentary from a conservative Christian viewpoint. I can be reached at [email protected]


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