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British citizen Tommy Robinson, founder of the English Defense League, was arrested on Friday May 25 for “breaching the peace.”

As it says in the Bible: “they cry peace, peace when there is no peace.”

I’m not going to recite here the entire wicked scenario leading up to Robinson’s imprisonment after a summary 5-minute “trial;” that the British government had planned in advance and, through total censorship, has attempted to keep from the British people.  Indeed, you, as a reader of this article, probably know more about this travesty than the average British citizen.  The immediate history is well given by Paul Weston in the video linked below.

I simply note here that Robinson’s “crime” was shining a light on the darkest of crimes and their Muslim perpetrators.

This is what happens when a nation turns away from God.  It has thrown away its only real weapon of defense against the spiritual forces of Satan; today epitomized by Islam.  All of the England’s power centers are today in hands of the Enemy.  (My daughter is currently working in London.  She says the situation is horrible.)

As a corollary of rejecting God, a once proud, free people have allowed themselves to be disarmed.  They are now virtually helpless in the face of Satanic evil.

England is on the verge of a desperate revolution, or a complete totalitarian subjugation.  Magna Carta (1215) is no more.

Closer to home, the same spirit of sexual crime and tyrannical governmental protection has a foothold in California in the form of bill AB 2943.  If passed by the CA senate, AB 2943 will criminalize “sexual orientation change efforts” in CA.  This will include selling a bible.

The middle ground between Good and Evil, between God and Satan, is rapidly vanishing as a secular option.  To reject Jesus will soon be to be actively allied with the devil in the here and now.

Here is the link to Paul Weston’s report.

Thank God for President Trump.

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