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Sometimes people make claims which may teach one much, or may be an opportunity to reflect much upon the individual’s claim, and though seeing that it isn’t true, also seeing that it also teaches, and more-or-less, preaches what – if understood – could go a long way to ameliorate the world’s problems…

An individual – who will remain unnamed – observes that: ‘the ubiquitous belief that people differ results in 95% of the world’s problems’; we guess – the individual means: ‘that people believing themselves not equal, but superior, to others results in 95% of the world’s problems…?’ What the individual presupposes may be explored (e.g., equality in essence), and should be, but let us suppose momentarily that 100% of the people in the world thought that they exactly like everyone else, would that eliminate the desire for “A” to acquire more than “B?” Would “A’s” stomach ache less – when empty – than B’s stomach, because B was well fed? Would the people of country’s of “X, Y & Z” – rich in natural resources – acknowledge their remarkable similarity with the impoverished nations of “R,S,T,V, and W” and decide to distribute their wealth with their essential equals but unfortunate, and lesser gifted countries? Would a utopia emerge because all would understand that all others were equally in need of the things that they themselves need? Would women cease to utilize abortion as a method of birth control? Would homosexuals acknowledge that the preponderance of people are heterosexual, and thus, see themselves as “out-of-step” with an overwhelming majority of people, and act to bring their lives in line with the majority of people, the laws of nature and Nature’s God, and cease involving themselves in perverse lifestyle choices?  Would the handicapped individuals – physically, and/or mentally handicapped – be as welcome in competitive events – events regarding matters athletic, financial, educational, etc. as those not so encumbered? Would those which advocate reducing/culling (eliminating disease, weakness, and other accidental qualities thought to disadvantage the human race) the planet’s population cease desiring to systematically eliminate the disadvantaged, because they came to see the disadvantaged – not as “drains upon a finite world of finite material abundance” (not my view, but that of the lab-coated – modern eugenicists …) – but as essential equals? We could go on, but our guess is that the Garden of Eden wasn’t overpopulated, and there weren’t any physical, mental, or material wants, and yet here we are…

If humans all accepted that they were equals in essence, they would likely acknowledge their fallenness? In the Garden we “walked with God,” and such continued until we decided to attempt to become like God – whereby we decide what is good and evil; this is the basis of division; each of us comes into this world with he choice of seeking the objective truth – which is the Will of God – or, to reject God’s Will and with the Nietzschean übermensch establish our own truth, and law, Beyond Good And Evil (title of one of Nietzsche’s books; which indicates the position/condition of the übermensch). When each is a law-giver unto themselves, the ubiquitous embrace of the 7 Capital Sins, and the manifest conflict, turmoil, and war among individuals, groups and Nations shall necessarily be the norm… Thus, the naïveté of thinking that universal belief that “we are all – in essence – alike will not ameliorate the human condition, but it should collapse the inanity of division vis-à-vis derogatory epithets ascribed to “deplorables,” and sundry bigotries, because the only way to overcome such division is by all aligning their wills with the Will of God (and this – simply put is what Jesus Christ taught…); my guess is that the few will have any interest in such a thing… Particularly those which choose to confuse human actors – calling themselves Christians – with Christian doctrine (Note: such an individual inspired this blog post); it seems they do so, so as to avoid changing their own selves…

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