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The Great Wall of China was built to stop Mongol invasions raiding to rape and pillage and steal and kill Chinese.  The Mongols invaded to steal Chinese wealth rather than trade with them.  This is the nature of leftism vs. rightism.  It is easier to steal than to produce products for trade.  The Mongols were savages and used tactics abhorrent to the civilized Chinese.  Their armies would seize Chinese women and children and march them in front of their armies to take the first arrows of defenders.  South Americans invading America are using the same tactics to invade America through their propaganda campaign in support of Democrats.

These invaders have already proven they’ll use whatever force is necessary to penetrate the borders of the United States.  Democrats want to eliminate the border patrol and leave America open to any invader including Mexican drug cartels, MS-13 savage gangsters, and Islamic terrorists to infiltrate and terrorize Americans who vote against Democrats.  Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has already stated that those who vote against Democrats will suffer as “collateral damage” when they take power.  Her minion in Texas, Beto O’Rourke, has deluded millions of young people to vacuously support him with his charismatic tripe reminiscent of Obama.  He has great support from left-wingers in California and New York to overthrow Republican Texas.

Caravan of immigrants seeking to invade America grows

President Trump has announced he will deploy the military to stop the invaders.  The question is how?  If ten thousand people rush our troops on the border holding babies in front of them how will the troops stop them?  They can’t use their weapons lest they leave a bloodbath for Democrats to use to slander Republicans.  Democrats will be assisting the invaders in every possible way including blocking immigration laws that would make America safe again.  The only people voting Democrat anymore are people who want to destroy the United States of America.

Democrats slander Republicans as Nazis in many ways including declaring those who reject their man-made climate change as Nazis wanting to destroy all life.  Mobs are another part of their propaganda campaign to provide moral equivalency for their violent attacks terrorizing Republicans.  Democrats draw all attention to one incident in Miami where Cuban Americans harassed Nancy Pelosi.  This may well have been a leftist construct out of Mein Kampf having their own people pretend to be Republicans.  (There are Democrats who are saying Trump uses these tactics and it is he who is behind the caravan.)

But even if it were Republican Cubans, they have every right to fight back as those who fled the socialism that Democrats want, so there is still no equivalency to the violent Democrat mobs.  When the righteous turn the other cheek and the wicked choose to punch them in the face then the fight is on!  Americans have every right to defend themselves, which is why Democrats are so hot to deceive them in order to abolish the 2nd Amendment.  Tyrants work best against an unarmed populace.  Not one Democrat says it’s wrong for mobs to terrorize Republicans and not one Republicans has said it’s right for their people to do the same back.  The left has no moral foundation for the evil they are perpetrating on America.

“This will be an election of Kavanaugh, the caravan, law and order, and common sense.” – President Trump

The election is about American patriots fighting Democrat mobs over;

  • Justice Kavanaugh who was ruthlessly slandered by lying leftists
  • The caravan of South Americans seeking to invade the USA
  • Fanatical Democrat mobs terrorizing Republicans
  • And people exercising the good sense to vote for what is morally right

THE PRESIDENT: “Come election day, Americans will remember Kavanaugh, and they will remember all sorts of other things because that was a shameful act, and there are many other shameful acts, including what they’re doing to our border by saying, ‘We’re not gonna give you the laws that you need to protect our country.’  But we’re taking it and we’re doing it, and we have great things happening.”

Democrats have created strawmen arguments by which to smear Republicans by slandering them as being the leftist ideologues;

  • Racists
  • Sexists
  • Homophobes
  • Xenophobes
  • Islamophobes
  • Old white men

Their polls all say Democrats will win, but 37% of Trump supporters won’t even talk to pollsters for fear of Democrat mob reprisals.  Democrat zealots have been tearing up yard signs, keying cars, and spitting in the food of Republicans who display their support for Trump.  They’ve even burned up vehicles, burned down houses, and murdered Trump supporters.  This civil war cannot be tolerated!

Every charge by Democrats have made against Trump and Republicans has been proven false by the facts of which liberals remain oblivious.  Propaganda works like the Force having a strong influence on the weak-minded.  Democrats are the party of the America hating mob terrorizing the people, sanctioning invaders, and fighting to destroy Constitutional law to replace it with a socialist dictatorship in which only those who bow and kiss the Democrat ring will prosper at the expense of everyone else.  How does anyone declare themselves to be patriotic when they support those who would overthrow America and subjugate half the people as tax slaves?  Likewise, how does anyone declare themselves to be Christian when they endorse importing Islam to overthrow the church and killing babies in the womb?  All of this is nothing less than satanic perversion to fight against what is good and right in the world.

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