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That can only mean one thing.  Religion, as understood at that time, was consistent with the highest values of our country and would promote the health and prosperity of it as well.  Otherwise our country could not allow or guaranteed totally free exercise of religion.

We are being told today that our Founders established a secular nation.  But if that were true, then there would be secular values that would be higher than religious ones, and freedom of religious expression could not be guaranteed.  Something like tolerance, the newest supreme value, would require Christians to accept things they didn’t believe in to accommodate the beliefs and practices of others.

The fact is that Congress had Bibles printed to be used in our public schools and that the Bible was used and taught in our public schools for almost 200 years before the court called supreme somehow found this practice unconstitutional.  So when the Founders were thinking of freedom of religious expression, they were thinking of Christian values.

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But wouldn’t this freedom apply for all religions?  Several years after our nation’s founding, we went to war with five Muslim countries in northern Africa.  Our leaders couldn’t understand why they kept attacking our ships and imprisoning our sailors.  Their leaders then showed our leaders from the Quran why they had to do this.  They were Muslims, and we were not.  This is what Muslims do.

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I can’t imagine our Founders would have accepted or encouraged thousands of Muslims to come to our country and then encourage them to openly practice their religion.  We know from their writings that there were indeed some Muslims here already and that the Founders were not against their being here.  But they believed that the free exchange of ideas would convince people of what was true, and Christianity would win out in the end.

Our Founders did not see religion as one’s personal taste in beliefs, like one’s taste in music or food.  They understood religion to be a description of reality, telling us what is true and false, right and wrong, good and bad.  So a religion is either true or false itself, and one could know which it is, if he really wanted to.  The issue can be debated and resolved with open, thoughtful discussions.  So to think that all kinds of contradictory moral values can be given free expression is not what they were thinking.  Take a poll of Muslims and ask them their views of honor killings or what they should do to a person who converts from Islam to another religion or if violence is ever justified in the name of Islam.

We have already talked about immigration in the last article.  And we have noted that immigration is forever.  Hundreds become thousands, and thousands become millions.  Throughout our nation’s history, the vast majority of our immigrants came from Europe, and they assimilated seamlessly into our culture and society.  It would be inaccurate to say that Muslims don’t, won’t, or can’t assimilate, but the fact is that there are far too many differences between Western Civilization and Islam for this to happen enough.  Again, we have the hundreds or thousands of videos coming out of Europe that show this clash.

It would be foolish to experiment with or jeopardize the entire future of our country thinking that it will be different here.  Again, see my article on immigration for a fuller discussion of the purpose of our government in the first place.  Our government exists to promote the unity, tranquility, and welfare of our people.  There is no room, place, or authority for our government to put that at risk, and for what?  To give some non-Americans a promise of a better life?  Living in the United States can probably provide a better life for maybe 7 billion people on the planet.  Unless they can all move here, other countries will need to learn what they can about how we became the nation they all want to come to and then duplicate what they can where they are at.

Is this a cruel, heartless thing to say?  No, and frankly because we are no longer that rich, wonderful nation we used to be.  We have to borrow money now from other countries just to pay our bills, and we still don’t have enough to do that.  We print new money to pay bills with, and that just lowers the standard of living for everybody who already lives here.

This is the third in a series of article on the most important issues of the 2016 Presidential campaign.  I was going to call the issue terrorism and then discuss Islam in a separate article.  But then I saw that this would be redundant.  The goal of terrorism is to change a country into a Muslim country.  The goal of Muslim migration is to change a country into a Muslim country.  The goal of Muslim immigration to our country is to change our country into a Muslim country.  This is not the thought of every single Muslim who comes here, no, but this is the thought of Muslim leaders throughout the world, and massive migration is necessary to work that out.

Muslim immigration is unlike any previous immigration to our country.  We used to have an American identity that we were proud of and that immigrants gladly embraced and assimilated to.  We no longer have that, and there is nothing in Islam that a Muslim thinks should be accommodated to adapt to a new culture.  At least permanently.  We will need to adapt to them.

There is only one Presidential candidate who has even expressed a willingness to stop Muslim immigration even temporarily, and I know of no political leader who even sees a problem here at all.

I have two children and a grandchild on the way.  Political and public policy is not just about what effect things will have today.  It’s about how policies affect the future.  I am old enough to see countless changes to our country that younger people see as the way things have always been.  I see the direction our country is going in where younger people don’t even know what road we are on.

Our Founders and our Constitution stressed how the role of our government to unite our people, promote their tranquility, and secure our liberties for future generations.  Our political leaders have proceeded to divide our country into as many groups and subgroups of people as possible, almost all with competing interests, needs, and demands.  They have stifled our freedoms so as not to ‘offend’ even the smallest of those groups, even if only the slightest possibility exists such a thing might occur.  And they have cast everyone as either a victim or an oppressor in a never-ending clash of classes, races, and religions.

With the growth of Islam in our country, this dynamic will be repeated yet different in a unique way.  And it won’t need any help from our politicians.  Our nation will bend to their will, first through polite accommodation, then through demands for equality and fairness, and then frankly you will be afraid not to give them everything they want because, frankly, you will be afraid of what will happen if you don’t.

Bringing Muslims into our country could be the single worst mistake in our nation’s history.  Bad laws can be undone.  Bad taxes and bad trade policies can be undone.  Bad immigration cannot.


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Larry Craig

concerned citizen


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