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On October 31st 2008′ I landed at Ketchikan Alaska with two basic airs, first and foremost to marry my fiancée who lived there, and secondly to make the USA my home, and become a US citizen. I have achieved both. In doing so I was required to fill out a library full of paperwork, produce a police certificate of clearance from the UK, attend multiple interviews and pay out a total of around $4’500 in fees.

It took me 18 months to obtain a green card, prior to which I was forbidden to take up any employment. My fiancée had to agree to totally support me during that time, any financial resources that I had personally was ok ,but strict criteria was applied to anything I did in the US. In my case it was relatively easy, we were married and I was retired from law enforcement, with a good pension.

However many of my fellow immigrants were not as lucky. , it was therefore of no surprise that many from Latin America, without funds, would try to sneak in illegally. I have some sympathy for them, however being sympathetic does not mean I condone their actions. If you ignore immigration laws then you are not an immigrant you are a law breaker, a Criminal. I can see this pretty clearly. So can the border patrol and most law enforcement. It appears the only ones that cannot are the Democratic Party led by their president and his administration.

We see them reclassify these people as undocumented workers. We see them granted driving licenses, (which they can use as voter id) benefits, free schooling and protection from federal authorities in so called sanctuary cities.

To date the USA spends $84 billion annually to subsidize illegal immigration. The administration now plans to bring into the US thousands of ‘undocumented workers, ‘these refugees have no papers or no identification, the FBI has confirmed there is no way to screen these people. And ISIS has stated publically they will use the program to place their terror soldiers into our society. As they have done in Europe. Back in the 60s a right wing politician named Enoch Powell commented in the high level of legal immigration into the UK from Africa and India. He made an infamous speech which included the phrase,

It’s like watching a nation, busily engaged in building its own funeral pyre. Powell was widely condemned for this speech, expelled from the conservative party and branded a racist. And remember he was referring to legal immigration. In the USA we have an estimated illegal immigrant population of around 12 million.



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