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I’m racist.  I’m racist because I’m not black, red, yellow, brown, or any other color than white.

I can’t help it.  When my little white body came into this world…I was automatically racist.  My crying was filled with hatred for any person on this earth that wasn’t white.  When the doctor and nurses were weighing me, measuring me, and checking my vitals…I was screaming and crying in anger at all the people around me that weren’t white.

I was placed in my Mom’s arms when they were done with me and she whispered in my ear, “Son…you are white and are racist and you must hate everybody on this planet that is not white”.  Don’t all white people reading this remember how your parents held you the day of your birth and told you that you need to hate anyone that wasn’t white?  And when you got home and started cooing and eating and crawling around, don’t you remember how our parents constantly told you to hate people that weren’t white?

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Have I got your attention yet?

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We are NOT born racist!  Racism is a CHOICE!!  Plain and simple!  Every individual has the God-given right to make choices.  Those choices are based on incoming data in the form of seeing, hearing, reading, observing life’s events, one’s own thought process, and reactions to others’ activity and rhetoric.  Nobody is BORN racist!!

As children we are innocent.  I’ve heard little kids in stores pull on their Mom’s dress and say, “Momma, why is that boy/girl so dark or so white?  An innocent question from a child…and Mom’s usually go crazy looking around to make sure no one heard the question for fear it would offend someone.  Children are curious and ask and say the “darndest” things.  It does not mean they are racist or were born racist.

But everything I hear from the lunatic Left and the Media is that because I’m white that is the reason I am racist!  My great-grandfather, my grandmother, my dad was white…so I’m racist.  My sister is white…so I’m racist!  I’m sick and tired of that crap!

It’s a cop-out…based on current garbage.  Yes…years and years ago many in this country were driven by color and treated people terribly.  I will NOT deny that!  But race relations had improved incredibly over the years.  For God’s sakes…this Country of “white racists” elected a black man for President in 2008 and again in 2012!  White people elected him.  The population of blacks in this country is less than 17%.  That means a hell of a lot of white people voted for him!!  Without white votes there never would have been a President Obama!!  This NEVER would have happened 30-50 years ago.  That’s called progress, folks! Does America and the black community not understand that?  For God’s sake…do the math!

I grew up in a Christian home.  My father was a minister.  We were taught to love everybody.  One of the shortest but most memorable songs I learned in Sunday School was:  “Jesus loves the little children…ALL the children of the world…Red and Yellow, Black and White…they are Special in His sight…Jesus loves the little children of the world.”  THAT’S how I was raised.  There was no room in my family to dislike anybody except the Hoodlums running around.  And Hoodlums have no specific color!

The demise of church attendance has been an issue for the past generation(s).  No matter who your “God” was you worshipped…in most all cases, one of the main teachings of religion was to love all people and do good works.  This provided a great foundation for children to learn love and respect.  Sadly…church-going has dropped off significantly.

I’m racist because of my common sense, according to the politically correct crowd.  If a Green man with red hair robs a convenience store…we’re supposed to expect the police to stop and question purple men with blue hair?  That’s idiotic.  But those green people holler racism if we target green people for that crime.

After the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attacks, I remember seeing old black/white ladies in wheelchairs being subjected to invasive and humiliating body searches to board an aircraft.  I traveled every week for business and watched in horror at the disgusting treatment people were subjected to in order to board a plane.  And ridiculing those of us who called for common sense practices to keep us safe, was top priority to the people in this country who were more afraid of someone’s Muslim’s feelings than keeping us safe.  We were “racist”!  No…we were against their teachings to murder infidels!

My current disgust, is the recent “protests” by “supposedly college educated men” in the NFL protesting black deaths in America by dishonoring our Flag and National Anthem and saying it’s because we’re a racist Country.  Really?  I’ll tell you what’s racist.  The fact that blacks kill more blacks in a month than there are black deaths by Police and White people in a year!!  Where the hell is THAT outrage??  And by the way, Mr. Educated Football Guy…are you aware that one of the FIRST Black Slave Owners in this Country was a BLACK man??  Get your own damn house in order and quit calling me racist!!

There is a fellow writer that I admire and respect.  He is known as the Unhyphenated American.  A true Patriot.  A very intelligent man.  Reading his articles make me proud of how far our country has progressed over the years.  If you see an article written by him…make sure you read it.  Excellent insight and spot-on observations.  His name is Lloyd Marcus.

I grew up in Southern California in the 50’s and 60’s.  We had nearly every race in the world in the LA area of every color and nationality.  We all saw the racial behavior going on in the US (as much as possible with limited TV and no internet) and we had our issues at times.  If there were feuds, we stood up to each other, got punched in the nose a few times, got up, dusted ourselves off and nearly every single time…we shook hands out of respect and became friends.

Over the next 50 years we witnessed a lot of progress.  My family and myself admired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  He carried himself with honor, respect, and dignity.  I heard him say over and over that a man’s character defined him…not his color.  My family was just as rocked by his murder as we were of John F. Kennedy’s.  Both were very sorrowful days in our Country!  I saw my father cry 2 times in 18 years at home.  When President Kennedy died and when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died.

But by God I’m a racist.  Because my Dad was white and I’m white.

My anger over this is going to be controversial and I’m again going to be called racist…because many blacks and a LOT of Leftist Lunatics are going to go nuts over this next statement.  But sometimes…the truth hurts!

I believe President Obama was personally responsible for the racial uprising to once again show its’ ugly head in our Country and has set us back years.  OK…I said it.  I’m sure the darts will be headed my way.

This charismatic man swooped into the White House in 2008.  Many of us hoped that the racial progress we had made the past 50+ years was really going to blossom and become even more improved.  We got screwed.  In my humble opinion, Mr. Obama couldn’t get past HIS racism.  And one of the very first actions he took started it all.  I’ll simply list “some” of them and not give long details because pretty much everyone knows the stories.  But in each case…we witnessed Obama’s racist and divisive actions and rhetoric directed at the non-black population and law enforcement.

* In Obama’s 1st sixty days—Black Panther caught on tape intimidating voters with a weapon at a Polling location.  Was not prosecuted by Holder/Obama – Black Panthers were emboldened – threatened to murder whites

* Obama’s old Professor: Police responded to calls, man was observed trying to break into a house, was inebriated, no ID, belligerent to officers and was taken in for questioning.  Obama on Live TV to the Nation said, “the police acted stupidly”.  Fostered dislike for law enforcement

* Remember Trayvon Martin?  Another example of Obama sticking his nose where it didn’t belong and waving his “race card”.  Even saying Trayvon could be his son.  Racism was screamed everywhere by the Media.  The shooter was not white.  All that mattered was that racism be cited in any instance.

* Ferguson, MO.  A large black man steals from a store, roughs up the manager.  Is approached by Cops.  He attacks cop in the car, beats him up, ruins an eye, grabs cop’s gun and it fires, leaves and then comes charging back and policeman shoots.  Rioting, burning, destruction of businesses and private property.  Holder/Obama do nothing to help situation and instead blame the police.  A new false mantra of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” directed towards police.  The man NEVER raised his hands but Obama/Holder and the others never disputed it.  Black Lives Matter was created.

And the list goes on…

What do these and many other things have to do with racism today?  It has emboldened a portion of the black community to “act out” on their misplaced beliefs that white people are suppressing them and so they kill cops, innocents, deface/destroy property, and terrorize communities.

We have gone way backwards from where we had progressed.  It started with Obama’s words and actions giving credence to the disenfranchised blacks and allowing them to break laws and believe they would get away with it.  And many have!  I would love to see that this was all just coincidence but my gut says no.

I’ve shared specific racism issues here because that’s the subject of the article.  However, our past President was responsible for many other divisive social issues…not just racism.  He took his presidency and used it to directly pit Americans against Americans of all color.  Many of his actions caused violence and angst with all races/genders, faiths and social issues.  But his destruction of race relations in this country is the most disappointing legacy he leaves behind.

It’s this current climate that makes me mad as hell.  People in this country worked their butts off to get us to a point where most all people respected each other as human beings regardless of color.  Everybody’s ideas had merit.  We agreed to disagree without anger or violence.  It’s been trashed.

It disgusts me that after 50+ years of hard-fought progress in racial relations…I am once again racist…just because I’m white!  I am so tired of it!!

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Old Woolfy

Old Woolfy was born in Southern California and lived up and down the West Coast States and multiple States in the Midwest. He was a Marketing Director and Business Consultant to Fortune 100 Companies. He has one Daughter and three precious Grandchildren and is currently not married. He is a true "Conservative" who votes primarily Republican but will vote independently when a Rino is on the ticket.due to many GOP's abandonment of conservative core principals. Old Woolfy has authored numerous "Career Training Curriculum's", Corporate Training Manuals, White Papers, Resumes, Cover Letters, Short Stories, and Poetry.


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