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Not only is the Media writing false articles, they are heading them up with extremely misleading headlines; sometimes proffering outright lies!!!

We have two major political parties in our nation. I think we can all agree that neither one is perfect. Nor are any of the spin-offs; such as the Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberals and others.

But this being a FREE country, no one is stifling anothers’ voice, whether it be in praise or to debase. Or are they? What is happening at our Universities?  And why so much anger back and forth on the Social Medias?

Why such division within our Government? What has caused this outrageous behavior?

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Perhaps we need logic and common sense to be returned to our Educational institutions. The Millennials seem to be at the forefront of this behavior; and their Professors and teachers appear to be backing them up with their words and actions on campuses, and in classrooms.

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It appears, the more research I do, that this movement had a strong leap forward with the death of Pres. John F. Kennedy. It afforded Vice Pres. Lyndon Johnson the Presidency by default. Johnson, being a strong Democratic Liberal from the South, immediately enacted several legislative bills that gave the Black Community much financial help from the Government. Little did they (the Blacks) realize that this was a “ploy” to buy their vote. It was sneaky and underhanded, and well planned. They (the Politicians) took advantage of a community that was struggling to achieve Social status, and believed the hype from the Democrats to be the stepping stone for them.

If one looks back into the Congressional record, it will be noted that the Republican Party actually supported many Bills to help this Community; and the Democratic Party attempted to thwart them.
Pres. Johnson was an overpowering man in his stature, in his position in the Legislative Branch, and now as Vice President. He was from the South, Texas actually, and had much support from many Southerners that held strong to the slavery era. He was instrumental in putting forth social programs that appeared to be helping the lower middle class, and those below the poverty level; while in substance they made these classes dependent on the Government. It became harder by the month for these folks to break out and be self-dependent; mainly in the Education area, and in obtaining jobs to support themselves.

Seeing and seizing this opportunity, many outside the United States began to back the Democratic Party under Johnson. The two main factions that come to my mind are the “one-world” supporters, and the Socialism people. Both have become so strong, that in many ways they have come together. These two factions are using many of the malcontents within our Society to further their cause. They have convinced many in the Black

Community that they are being overpowered by the “White Supremacy”, and preyed upon by Law Enforcement.

Those in the Black Community that have received a good Social Status are in the minority; while those that have stayed dependent on the Government, Black and White, are once again being used.

We have put in the Oval Office, an administration that promises to right this wrong. We shall see. Perhaps they need help from “WE THE PEOPLE”!

Will the Black Community, and the lower class whites, see through this smoke screen that has been forced on them for the past fifty to sixty years? Will they work with, and pair with, the middle class Whites and Blacks to regain the United States that was being fostered by FDR, Harry Truman, Eisenhower, and JFK?

This, my fellow Americans, is what we are fighting! Can we overcome those who would destroy our Democratic Republic? WE MUST!!!!!

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Jean Coulard

Retired Office manager, Food Service Director; 2+ years College; One (1) year Kitchen Management / New York Culinary School, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


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