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With the presidential primaries over, and the low ratings of the nominees, the congressional candidates are on their own. No coattails..

Trump is in trouble with some conservatives and others who say  never Trump. Hillary has her scandals and the Obama record.

Trump won as an outsider with no political record. He is the first business man with name recognition on a national basis  basis  with money.  He cashed in on the voters not being listened to in 2010 and 2014. The conservatives had a chance to take on the establishment from the inside before his entry into the race. The  establishment arm of the Republican party caved in to Obama to the dismay of the people. Obama had little or no experience, He did learn that it is hard to get a 2/3 majority, so he operated by executive order. The Republicans  gave up the power of the purse.

Lack of some political experience and what some people call tact, he has made some mistakes. Depending on your view these were out right lies, matters of perception or just his bluntness. He made trouble with generalizations concerning women, minorities , and others who just disagreed with him on some issues. Attacking many governors was a mistake. Attacking a judge appointed by Obama, gave to the Clinton Foundation and member of La Rosa, does make fairness questionable,

Hillary has all her scandals, the largest being her e-mails. These scandals could have elements of other scandals and how the Obama administration is involved. Deaths and national  security. The trust people have in her is challenged. Hillary is anti-second amendment. How much more socialistic will Hillary become? In some cases Hillary could be just more extreme. Every issue that Trump and Obama agree on expect Hillary to follow if not pass him.

As congressman take back the power of the purse. No more continuing resolutions on the budget. Fallow the people who elect you,  not the party leaders. You are an educator to congress for the people of your state.

Recognize the  congressional districts that are state wide and those that are a hundred mile square.  Natural resources and the management pf those resources has be recognized.  The ares that furnish the raw materials are the less populated areas. Labor needs are different. The cost of living varies


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