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Let’s be clear and direct. If you do anything else other than to go to the polls and vote for the Republican platform, you will get Hillary Clinton and all she stands for. Compare the Democratic and Republican platforms. Look at the issues. Forget about who is running.

Here are the published respective points of each party:

1. The Democratic Platform believes the economy is rigged and the government needs to step in to make things fair. The Republican Platform believes in self-reliant and independent middle class that wants as little interference as possible from the government.

2. The Democratic Platform wants to increase taxes to invest in clean energy projects in order to create jobs. The Republican Platform believes that our abundant natural resources could spur on an economic boom and wants to minimize government influence.

3. The Democratic Platform believes in creating economic fairness and redistributing wealth from those who produce abundantly. The Republican Platform believes that under democratic leadership the divide between the rich and poor has gotten worse and only a strong economy and strong employment will benefit the middle class and the poor.

4. The Democratic Platform believes that there is systemic racism. The Republican Platform lays out specific actions that will benefit racial progress and well-being that has been stifled over the last decade.

5. The Democratic Platform believes in maximizing voting participation for everyone and promoting the progressive agenda and political correctness, modernizing the constitution. The Republican Platform believes in a rebirth of a constitutional government where the republic serves the people.

6. The Democratic Platform believes in shoring up the failing and doomed Universal Health Care System (Obamacare) and reproductive rights protecting abortion at any term. The Republican Platform favors a health system that is in the hands of the doctors and their patients and not insurance companies and in the sanctity of life. Abortions should be as rare as possible.

7. The Democratic Platform believes in peace at all cost, our military should be carefully regulated, and that the costs should be monitored. Republican Platform believes that a safe America is a strong America and we should be leading the world.

8. The Democratic Platform believes that the progressive agenda is the only direction that we can go to achieve a golden era of inclusion and tolerance. Republican Platform believes inclusion and tolerance allow for traditional values as well. Dividing the country into diverse groups will only cause more strife.

Don’t be fooled and sidetracked by politicians, moralists, or political spin. If you believe in the Republican position you have to vote for Trump. If you don’t, then you can do anything, and I mean anything else, and this includes voting for Clinton, not voting, or voting for anyone else. This is plain and simple.


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